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    Quote Originally Posted by gmanvbva View Post
    ...What I stated (and I thought was obvious)... was that Google does not sell "personal" private information. They obviously sell information like usage statistics, traffic patterns, search results/tendencies, etc...
    It's hard to know for sure what was originally stated, since it has since been edited, but the implication was pretty clear:

    Your post said:
    Quote Originally Posted by gmanvbva View Post
    There are definitely some misconceptions and/or "propaganda" being portrayed there.
    They do not sell "personal information" as defined by GBL and other privacy regulations.
    (I added the bold).
    The original poster never said "private" information:
    Quote Originally Posted by dandbj13 View Post
    Google sells personal information of end users of smartphones to advertisers. The phone and OS are just data collection mechanisms.
    He was correct. His point was that the services that Google is giving away are to support their (current) primary business - to collect that information.

    That was not proaganda or misinformation.
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    Again... I currently work in the financial field and previously worked in the health care field.
    My point was... that Google is not selling information that is generally considered "personal" information by regulatory agencies/institutions. Which is what the statement seemed to be implying.

    EDIT: BTW The editing of the previous post was simply to fix a typo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clutch1222 View Post
    GOOGLE Sells your information - True
    This is an interesting statement. Google sells information about what people do, but is that "your information?"

    If a fast food company tracks what sorts of items from their menu sell better in certain parts of their market, is that the "individual consumer's information" or the fast food company's information? Should they be able to sell this "dining trends" information to another company? Probably.

    I don't know the real answer to this - and I'm sure it's fraught with gray areas, but at face value, Google doesn't track and sell my personal information without my express permission (i.e. providing my mailing address for a Google Checkout purchase). But if they are tracking my activities via their extensive set of tools (or services, if you will), do I forfeit all ownership rights to my personal activity tracking? Google would say yes.
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    (i think)

    While android is technically free, google apps+the google name aren't...

    so google still gets payed from most of the phones sold.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nimer55 View Post
    (i think)

    While android is technically free, google apps+the google name aren't...

    so google still gets payed from most of the phones sold.
    From what I understand, Google also gets paid support fees from helping OEM's.

    I read an article a while back that Google is open source and "free" but Google still charges for certain "services".
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    Keep things on topic kids or go find some other place to play....I hear dbdoinit spins a dope mix over in OT.

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