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  • Heck Yes! I can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy!

    286 32.06%
  • No Way! I <3 my WebOS and won't upgrade to any other OS

    222 24.89%
  • Maybe, depends on how much it will cost me out of pocket.

    80 8.97%
  • Not just yet. I'm happy with my Pre... for now...

    286 32.06%
  • What the heck is an EVO?

    18 2.02%
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  1. vergnen's Avatar
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    I'll stick with my pre for now. I like the EVO specs, but webos and the pre form factor suit me. Now a webos device with the those specs and 4G.....
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    ok so I love my pre obviously because of WebOS...but Sense UI + Froyo + HTC EVO hardware specs...makes Android pretty stiff competition for WebOS...for example...while I love my cards, and that's one of the things that makes webos great....its also a huge drawback...why you ask?....wasted screen...PERIOD....what I mean is the homescreen is dead, no action, essentially with Sense UI I have what is it 7 active home screens (or widgets) which I can use as basically the same way I use cards...Honestly who keeps more than 7 cards active at all times? Not many I would think...ok so for me (example of the apps I do the vast majority of my mutitasking with on a casual day with my Pre excluding the phone and messaging apps) I have my precentral feed...calender...memos...engadget...browser my widgets everything I use daily....a swipe away...always there no opening of any cards...everything else gets opened through the launcher...same way I currently do with heres the twist...everytime I run 7 apps in open cards in WebOS (which is practical for me ofcourse) my phones runs alot slower than if I was only running 1 app...EVO has snapdragon...7 widgets always runnin and handles them with ease...NOW THROW IN FROYO....= Problems for my dear sweet OS....
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    Sad to say I'll be switching as well. Just registered my name over at AndroidCentral and it seems that over 50% of the switchers are leaving from WebOS to the EVO. (Androidcentral poll)

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    Quote Originally Posted by vza33 View Post
    lol, it takes 15 minutes just to pair a bluetooth device.
    Where did you come up with that claim? My Droid or Devour never have that problem. My Pre+, on the other hand, has a rudimentary Bluetooth stack. I can't even choose which services to accept or ignore when pairing a device (like a combination hands-free/a2dp device). That's so 2005-ish.
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    endgadget had a quick comment that the evo's HDMI would not output sprint TV. So that just begs the question: How bad will that lock it down?

    I'd hope that more that a couple of the stock apps can use it.
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    You could use it to connect slingplayer to your tv and - oh wait!...
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    I think the main idea of it is to be able to playback and store recorded video similar to a digital camcorder. If you really think about the it, the video quality on the newer smartphones have been improving steadily to the point that they can easily replace a digital cam in many situations. So why not have a convenient way to hook it up and watch them?
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    I think you could use hdmi to control a device. I know toshiba had a "toshiba link" through hdmi where your tv would turn on an hd-dvd player. But I think that was as far as the control went.
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    99% of the people would never use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    99% of the people would never use it.
    I think I would have to agree... I have a TV out on my digital camera that I have never used in 10 years. Of all the note books I have owned over the years, only 1 has ever been hooked up to a TV and only once at that to see how well it worked.
  11. akarol's Avatar
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    Guys, take 15 minutes and watch this review in its entirety:

    What an amazing OS. The organization, performance, everything is lightyears ahead of not only the WebOS, but Apple OS too. I especially like the People widget.
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    99% of the people would never use it.
    People said the same thing about cell phone cameras (well at least my dad did when they first showed up). I think the current applications are very limited and not at all useful, but that doesn't mean the tech won't go somewhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akarol View Post
    Guys, take 15 minutes and watch this review in its entirety:

    What an amazing OS. The organization, performance, everything is lightyears ahead of not only the WebOS, but Apple OS too. I especially like the People widget.
    That was pretty informative, but there were a few times where he wasn't as objective as I'd like. Definitely selling it rather than reviewing it.
  14. urkel's Avatar
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    Photo displaying on an HDTV is how I see people using their digital camera out, so the EVO would be good for that.

    Video Chat? If done well then it would be good for groups or to show off baby.

    anyway, features like this are nice because they aren't valuable until that one odd moment you wish you had it. So since it ddnt seem to add to the bulk tthen I don't mind that it's there...
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    play movies and video on your tv. if you're phone has say a 64 GBs of storage you've got plenty of room for a whole bunch of hd movies. My parents have hdmi inputs. I did it with my laptop. just plug the laptop in and instant hd movie night.
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    i got a garmin in my car so navigation is cool but not a big selling point.
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    Wow, the screen is huge and the weight isn't bad. Didn't seem to be more than my Pre. I have started to travel and the screen size has become more important, they are starting to test G4 in my town am told it screams. Service is $10 more a month than what I have now. I will take a serious look.
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    lol...testing G4
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    I just got an Evo today (a friend of mine that went to I/O gave it to me for free!) ... I'll take some videos of anything anyone wants to see here. I can do side-by-side comparisons with the Pre as well.

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