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  • Heck Yes! I can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy!

    286 32.06%
  • No Way! I <3 my WebOS and won't upgrade to any other OS

    222 24.89%
  • Maybe, depends on how much it will cost me out of pocket.

    80 8.97%
  • Not just yet. I'm happy with my Pre... for now...

    286 32.06%
  • What the heck is an EVO?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawt View Post
    It tethers, but it doesn't act as a wifi hotspot like the Pre. I'm also not super comfortable rooting my device. I read about how there might be something hardware-wise on the Evo that would stop tethering.

    I'll wait and see what's up with the Evo, but I'll probably still just run my Pre into the ground and see what's available then. I don't really have the money to drop a new phone anyways
    It actually does act like a wifi hotspot. Up to 8 devices can connect to it, which is a lot more than the Pre is capable of.
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    Anything is better then the PRE when it comes to battery life. I use the Extended battery but when I go back to the stock battery my phone is dead by 2pm some days. so I welcome these EVO numbers and wish the Pre was that good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by discdoc View Post
    I've been a loyal Palm user for years and had a Pre since it came out last year. Now, I'm thinking about getting the HTC EVO and I'm wondering how webOS compares to Android. Specifically, is there a "homebrew" community for Android or is the device not customizable beyond what Android allows? Also, how does Android's multi-tasking compare to that of webOS? Thanks!
    Is there a homebrew community for Android? Imagine the WebOS homebrew community... now multiply that times 100.

    Android is Linux-based. Linux = the most popular open-source OS out there. Android is expected to be incorporated in over 50% of all mobile devices by 2014 (smartphones, tablets, netbooks, printers, even refrigerators were announced this year sporting it).

    Bottom line, it's Google. It cannot fail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey47 View Post
    This question might be better answered on an Android board, you will get mainly webOS favored responses here.
    You would think. Doesn't really seem to be the case here. I guess people are finally realizing that WebOS was a beautiful dream. Back to reality.
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    Im getting a EVO but also keeping my PRE . Someone asked why and I will give my answer. Its all about how you use your phone. I love web os. Not a huge Android fan BUT 2.2 ( whihc eventually will be on EVO) is wicked. I use my phone for surfing the web , as a camera and some other stuff . I personally need a bigger screen. cant get much better then the Evo . And its fast , even when not in 4G. ALso I want the real APPS which are on Android and Ipjhone. I mean Iphone and Android are getting SLing player apps but they will not make one for the PRE. I miss Slingplayer on my phone. Apps for the PRE stink in general.Also a 8 MP Camera is a must for me so I can finally leave my 8MP camera home. I also dont want movng parts like sliders as moving parts break and cause issues and we know the issues with the PRE build quality. so I just wanted to share my reason for "trying" the EVO as if in 30 days I dont like it its back to the trusted PRE. If I do like it I still will keep my PRE. And monitor HP for there new releases and see if anything hits my fancy. Having a WEB OS device with a larger screen and better camera , faster proccessor would easily make me come right back. I dont consider myself as leaving as I might even go back and forth with the PRE and EVO as I wait and see what HP Does. and again if HP has a new phone in a year I can use my Premier Upgrade again to get it.

    As the person Above me said WEB OS is Awesome. A better phone with WEB OS would be the bomb!
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    I am staying with the Pre (webOS) but I am getting the EVO to try Android and also to make it my multimedia weekend phone. The Pre will remain my weekday workhorse. Gotta love choices! I will probably dump the EVO when Palm launches their next webOS phone.
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    the harware is excellent for my uses, and I really like the way webos works on the Pre. I'm waiting until my sprint contract expires then reassessing phone replacement.
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    staying with the pre because it does what I need and does not cost additional $$$$ per month. Also I don't need to spend another $200 just to get the evo. If I didn't already have the pre I might consider the evo but I've customized my pre to the point that I really like it. Battery is not an issue anymore either now that I use mode switcher and turn off radios that are not needed. All in all it took a year to get the pre to this point but man is nice now.
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    staying because size matters. As technology improves our handheld devices should be getting smaller not larger. I started off my Palm love with the Samsung i300, and now iPhone and Droid are trying to get me to put a brick back in my pocket? No thank you.
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    Really getting tired of being niche. I came to Palm for the next big thing, not to be an outsider.

    Definitely going to iPhone/Android if Palm's next offering doesn't impress.
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    Is there an easy way to go back and forth with the same phone number ??? I would love to use the Pre on some days and the EVO on others. I always thought you could switch phones easy on sprints site but doesn't appear that way. Just curious if you or anyone know.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChemEngr View Post
    I am staying with the Pre (webOS) but I am getting the EVO to try Android and also to make it my multimedia weekend phone. The Pre will remain my weekday workhorse. Gotta love choices! I will probably dump the EVO when Palm launches their next webOS phone.
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    Here is why I'm sticking with WebOS:

    1. WebOS is still in it's infancy. True Android is maturing faster but I believe WebOS is a more elegant OS and will eventually succeed in the Marketplace. That's almost a certainty now that HP is backing WebOS.

    2. Enterprise Platform. It's not there yet, but I use my Pre as much for business as for personal. As soon as DataVis or some other developer gives us document editing, WebOS will compete nicely with RIM and Windows mobile.

    3. Form Factor. I don't miss a today screen, and I loathe the huge clock on HTC Sense. What a waste of real estate. WebOS took a minimal approach to notification. It's a subtle thing - not in your face. I like it.

    3.5 Form Factor. I'm still using my release date Sprint Pre. It has the Oreo effect and a USB door crack that takes out the lower right hand corner of the screen. Poor design? Yes. Bad Design? nope. It's a first gen release. The Oreo effect hasn't gotten worse. It's annoying but I can and have lived with it. The USB crack is annoying and more than cosmetic. I could play the replacement game with Sprint, Palm and Asurion, but I'm not willing (at this moment) to put the time into it. I can live with it - for now.

    4. Touchstone. It's elegant, easy and cool. I just wish there were a version for the car.

    5. Homebrew and Patches. This list isn't in any kind of order. In my mind Homebrew and Patches are sustaining WebOS and has made the platform infinitely better and customized that I think Palm expected. It's kept my device and experience fresh and me engaged in the community and WebOS in general.

    6. HP. WebOS on a tablet. I cannot wait! The expansion of WebOS to other device types will insure that major developers will pay attention to the platform and undoubtedly with few exceptions, anything written for a tablet will (read: should) run on the handheld.

    7. C40. Call it what you will, there's a next gen device somewhere on the horizon. In my mind it does not have to be an iPhone or Evo killer to succeed, it simply has to be better that what we currently have. I view the Pre as I did my Treo 600. a C minus device in a A plus world. HPalm needs to put out a B plus device out there soon (before my screen crack drives me to distraction).

    8. Lastly, I figure I've invested in excess of $500 dollars in the phone, multiple touchstones and applications. To move to another platform I'd be tossing (or eBay selling) a lot of it at a loss. I'd much rather wait, be patient and leverage my investment as HP, Palm and WebOS begin to make an impact in the marketplace.
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    do you think we would even be having this conversation if the Evo wasn't coming out in 2 weeks?

    Edit - what I mean by that is - I've been perfectly happy with my pre. Of course what frustrates the hell outta me is the shoddy reception, card errors, and no more itunes sync. (Ha i bet we could return our phones on that merit along - they promised something and didnt deliver).

    What I am saying is, if the Evo wasn't coming out, I would not be looking for a new phone. I would have been content to wait until something Evoesque or Pre2 (Palm PostPre anyone?) was released. Now that they mentioned the Evo, an awesome phone with sick little capabilities, all of a sudden the Pre I've been dying to get my hands on 6 months prior to release date, isn't all that hot anymore.....


    PS - before you say evo and no itunes, google did just buy simplify media....
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    I am a recent newbie to the Palm community. I have the Pre Plus with Verizon and have had it for a little over a month. I was all set to get a Android device when I went for my upgrade and two things stopped me. One was my employer does not allow Android devices to sync with our exchange servers they say because of security issues and two I played with a friends Moto Droid and it literally took me about 15 minutes to figure out how to change a ring tone for him. I personally don't think I am an ***** as I work in the tech industry and teach electronics troubleshooting to field technicians, but Android made me feel like I have never used a phone before. And come on I should not have to load an app just to change a ring tone or have to research the web because it is not obvious on how to do it.

    My brother had been talking about the Pre for a long time so I figured what they hey. To be honest the price won me over, but boy am I happy it did. WebOS is so simple to use and it just works. Plus I can customize to my hearts content thanks to this awesome community.

    With that for the first time in a long time I am not planning my next phone purchase I am content.
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    I love this phone. Being on Verizon, I could have had the Droid, or turned my Pre+ in for an Incredible. No thanks. Android is cumbersome and not nearly as user friendly as WebOS. While complexity is no big deal for me (I'm an Engineer) I prefer interfaces that maximize speed and functionality through simplicity. WebOS just kicks so much it's not funny!

    Also, the Pre is a nice form factor despite it's early issues. It's elegant looking. Is perfectly sized and shaped for the hand and the pocket. And it provides a large touch screen with a real keyboard. The Evo is a monstrosity that will feel uncomfortable in my pocket. Even my Curve, which is only a little bigger than my Pre, felt a little bit uncomfortable in my pocket. I like being able to sit down with out front pocket discomfort.

    Then there's the Touchstone. I mean really. Wait until you have to plug that microUSB cord into the Evo everyday to keep it charged. I already use mine more than I want because I only have a stone at home. Need to get one for work and the car. The Evo just isn't anything special. I mean it's got a nice big screen, but it's a little too big to be comfortable totting around. And the 8 megapixel camera? (twirls finger) What good is an 8 meg camera when it gets there with a microscopic CMOS sensor, and a small lense? The pictures won't be significantly better than the Pre, and they will have more noise. Meh!
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    I've been lurking in this thread for quite some time now.. and I am still up in the air about the EVO. I love webOS, but I hate the problems I have... I hate the phone not ringing and not getting VM alerts until I open the phone app.. I hate that my email alerts stop, then I have to go into the email app and tell it to accept my accounts that are already there because it likes to reset itself randomly, sometimes I don't get SMS/MMS alerts/messages until I open the messenger app, the daily resets at the worst possible time and the 3 minute wait for the phone to boot are also driving me nuts.. not to mention the 'too many card' errors I get on a daily basis (yes I have my phone auto reboot every morning at 3am) I mean.. just look at my avatar!! That is an actual screen shot.. trying to load the messenger app when *nothing* else was running!!
    I just don't know what to do anymore.. the Pre is my first smart phone after moving from iDEN after 10 years (before the Pre I had a v950 for about 8 months then got the Pre) and I love the way webOS works, but I keep feeling like it isn't ready yet, and maybe if I do get a EVO (or something else) that by time I can upgrade again webOS will be more mature....

    Yes, people on this thread bring up the 4-5 hr battery life of the EVO *when 4G is active* and I can't go more than 6 hours before I have 20% battery life with light texting, no web usage, no phone calls, and 1 email account set to 'as items arrive'. I can't imagine the EVO being any worse than my Pre is now. (I did doctor my phone in hopes of fixing some of my issues with no luck).

    Yes, Android isn't as elegant as webOS, but at this point, I need something that will tell me when I have a phone call, something that will tell me when I have a new SMS/MMS message, something that doesn't randomly reboot when it feels like it. I've become too dependent on calender alerts, emails and other items to go back to a 'dumbphone'.

    I will hold off until the next webOS update, and if my issues are still here, I will start really thinking about a different platform to hold me over until webOS has its issues ironed out. And yes, I have been working with HardBeatZ sending log files with my issues in the hopes they can track these bugs down that we are all suffering from and getting them knocked out once and for all.
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    I can't upgrade yet. That's why.
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    touch stone works perfectly in my car... What do you think it is lacking?
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    so many reasons....great community for one. It's cool to be a part of this platform when it first started. Seeing webOS grow up has been crazy, and has changed the way I get things done. Leaving and not being a part of it would be a huge fail imo
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    two things. You should be able to activate between devices with a simple call to customer service. I've replaced my pre a couple of times this week (long story) and I had three. We kept activating between the three as part of troubleshooting. I used to do that between my treo and centro to troubleshoot.

    with the pre, you just need to be able to stay logged in to your palm profile so you don't have to start over...

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