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  • Heck Yes! I can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy!

    286 32.06%
  • No Way! I <3 my WebOS and won't upgrade to any other OS

    222 24.89%
  • Maybe, depends on how much it will cost me out of pocket.

    80 8.97%
  • Not just yet. I'm happy with my Pre... for now...

    286 32.06%
  • What the heck is an EVO?

    18 2.02%
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    Hey do yous guys think that when the wimax network goes full throttle it will be included in the everything data plan, or would that be an add on that will cost more?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Menace187 View Post
    Hey do yous guys think that when the wimax network goes full throttle it will be included in the everything data plan, or would that be an add on that will cost more?
    we dont know. im sure sprint would love to profit from this, but they dont want to lose more customers. they have been doing very well on the CDMA portion to note.

    my expectations of working for sprint for 5 years, they would probably have it an add on tier BUT only because the wifi teathering app IS included and not a downloadable feature like verizon. hmm... assuming that the old phone as modem plan was 40 bucks like 3 years ago i would probably assume that much or lower. 20 dollars sounds fair but no more then 40. but only assuming for a price if its extra

    it should be included in the everything plans and the EDRP and i truly do hope it is but if its 20 bucks ill have to debate that since we have already 2 sero and 2 EDRP lines and both seros are gunna get upgraded soon.

    myself- pre $60 500min edrp
    sister-pixi $60 500min edrp
    mother-755p $45 SERO
    brother in law-touch pro $30 SERO

    roughly $200 now. thanks mom for paying the bill while i go to college :-)

    thank you mytether
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    Ok the screen size is big looks cool , but my god are you looking at the os, and the keyboard? I would rather carry an ipad in my pocket.
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    ^ ah, thanks. I wonder how much it'll cost. HTC phones always seem to be expensive.
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    Yeah makes sense, If they are aiming on stealing some of the att iphone lovers then it would be a good investment for them just to include it as an incentive.Considering that is what they are trying to do with their latest video attack of att network.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Complex Pants View Post
    Sprint premier customers get to upgrade once a year. Otherwise you are stuck paying $600. You could also get someone else to take your pre, and then start a new contract on the EVO.
    Ah, I see you are in Cincinnati, as am I. (NKY)

    If Palm doesn't announce something that competes, i'm going to have a real hard time not saying Yes to this phone.

    4G in Cincy with that hardware? It's going to be REALLY tough not to pull the trigger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xorg View Post
    I like the specs of Evo and am intrigued. But do you value one-handed operation of webOS over Android?
    All I'm saying is test the one-handed operation and switching apps before you make the switch. If you don't mind, go for it.
    webos does do app switching better than android, but how do you perceive it being better for one handed operation? i have a hero and a pre and i don't perceive the pre to have a noticeable advantage in this area.

    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    If you're so big on one-handed operation then a full touchscreen device is for you. You need two hands to type on the Pre sir.
    no, you don't.

    Quote Originally Posted by acekilla View Post
    these or some reasons for me to switch to another phone and give basically one of the best phones this year a try.
    voice input for all text boxes.
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    I am ready to switch if Palm doesn't have something comparable by the time I'm eligible to upgrade or soon after.
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    1. It can stream video! (Yep, you can stream live to qik)

    2. It has two cameras, one for video conferencing

    3. BIG screen

    4. Fast processor

    5. Adequate battery life

    6. External connectors (HDMI)

    7. Expandable storage

    8. Solid hardware

    9. 4G

    Any others?
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    So pretty much just put webos on an EVO and call it a day...

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    HW specs look great but they'd look better to me if WebOS was underneath it and not Android. I'll wait and see what Palm unveils later this yr. After WebOS, Android and the like just can't compare.

    I want to see how well the battery performs under 4G connectivity.
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    EVO looks impressive no doubt, but you don't honestly think Sprint will simply launch one phone for 4G.

    I bet Palm has a 4G phone in the works and while that's good in one respect, in another it's a very small market -- particularly when plan pricing on 4G may be particularly high.
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    and how do you know #5?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joescan09 View Post
    So pretty much just put webos on an EVO and call it a day...
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    "Adequate" battery is like adequate equipment, it may be enough to do the minimum but not much more - lol
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    Seriously, how many threads like this do we need? In the Palm Pre forum?

    There is a thread/section of this forum already.

    Stop posting about the HTC Evo, no one cares in the PALM PRE forum. Notice I didn't say "no one cares on PreCentral," but that no one cares in this specific forum that is meant for discussion for the webOS devices Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus, not for other platforms or devices.

    Just like you don't see Pixi threads in the Pre forum, why should we see HTC Evo threads in the Pre forum?
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    does it have a pysical keyboard? From what I've seen.. No. So no thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joescan09 View Post
    So pretty much just put webos on an EVO and call it a day...
    Palm would probably have to make more than a few alterations. I'm thinking specifically of:

    1) Add a gesture area at the bottom.
    2) Add the trademark silent mode rocker at the top.
    3) Move the charging port from the bottom to somewhere rather, say, the top left corner. Just because.
    4) Add a rubber flap on top of that.
    5) Make the phone nothing but shiny plastic.
    6) Create a new larger Touchstone, but sell it in five different pieces, each in a mystery box so you'll never know which piece you're buying.
    7) Replace the entire back with a know, for women.
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    4.5" Screen? How in the heck do you fit that in a holster on your belt. I don't want to carry a net book around, I want a phone.
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    The EVO 4G doesn't interest me in the least. The specs ARE to die for, yes, but I hate the form factor. Portrait, physical keyboards are a deal-breaking requirement for me. No webOS makes it even more unattractive.

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