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  • Heck Yes! I can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy!

    286 32.06%
  • No Way! I <3 my WebOS and won't upgrade to any other OS

    222 24.89%
  • Maybe, depends on how much it will cost me out of pocket.

    80 8.97%
  • Not just yet. I'm happy with my Pre... for now...

    286 32.06%
  • What the heck is an EVO?

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    Webos multitasking is much better. Android is custimiazable but nothing like homebrew. I have had android and iPhone and a pre. Besides apps WebOs is much supierir to android. Sppecially if you have your pre overclocked
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    Also, one needs to keep in mind that Android requires and is much more tied to Google properties like Gmail. It also is missing support for things in weird places, such as not syncing Exchange calendars and tasks. While I've not run into anything that webOS doesn't support out of the box (except, of course, certain niche Google products like Goggles and Navigation), I know that my boss has issues using his Droid in our environment because of some of the integration it's missing.

    Synergy remains, to me, one of the most under-promoted aspects of webOS.
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    This question might be better answered on an Android board, you will get mainly webOS favored responses here.
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    You dont know how multi-tasking works on the EVO but you already want it? lol
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    wynand32 is right on. Our techs at work used to tease me about having a Pre, but after all the headaches they've had with exchange issues and such on the Android phones, they actually can't wait for a Pre to come to t-mobile (where their current corp account is for that department). Every phone out there has its positives and negatives... it isn't about which phone OS is perfect, but which is close to perfect for YOU.

    Personally, the way WebOS handles my exchange accounts (multiple) along with personal accounts with it's Synergy, has been phenomenal. I'm an ex-Treo use for years, had an Android phone, and have never been able to get mobile work done like I am able to do on the Pre. I liked the Android OS, but it was scattered and unpolished to the point it felt almost ADD. Nothing like WebOS.
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    Find an Android phone and fiddle with it, if you can. Maybe a rep at a store has one you can use. I wasn't a particular fan of the OS after coming from using WebOS, but of course, my opinion apparently doesn't count to some Android enthusiasts as I was using an super old phone that came out allllllllllll the way back in oh, November? That is one thing I like about WebOS...the phone has the same operating system and your phone isn't now obsolete to other WebOS models because Google updates the OS every time a new phone is announced and your phone won't see the new OS for six months, if at all.
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    Wrong thread. But I never used an android phone and kind of don't want to . So webos all day everyday
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey47 View Post
    This question might be better answered on an Android board, you will get mainly webOS favored responses here.
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    I agree with all the above comments. I currently have a Hero & a Pre and webOS does it for me. The thing I love most about Android is widgets . . . if webOS had widgets it would be perfect.
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    Check out the HTC EVO 4G review for a look at how the OS works. It didn't look anywhere near as horrible and difficult to navigate as some people have made out.
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    Have never used an Android. But it has many more apps. For example, Skype is available for the Android and Kindle reader will be available; neither seems to be available or in progress for webos. I like webos but may be forced to go with android to get a wider selection of apps.
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    The specs on the EVO is really quite impressive. I still have my launch day Sprint Pre, and as a premier customer, am qualified for a phone upgrade two days after EVO launch. I am tempted to get the EVO as a weekend phone (easy to swap phones online) and keep using the Pre for workdays. I am curious about the Android OS and would like to see what the competition has for comparison. Unless of course Palm releases hardware that's at least comparable, then i'll use my upgrade eligibility for sure on the next webOS device.
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    I got a hold of a EVO from a sprint rep today. It seemed OK but...

    I held my Sprint phone next to the EVO for two speed tests.

    I went to two different websites neither phone had been to before (In a 3G area) and my Pre won once and the EVO won once.

    I also tested loading up Sprint TV and my Pre beat the EVO both times by a significant number of seconds.

    So, it was big and different but not always faster.

    Multitasking is still WAY better on the Pre.
    I wasnt impressed enough to considering switching unless 4G was in my area.
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    I've had my Pre since launch day. I was waiting for it since they announced it in Jan 09. I called Sprint monthly for updates and always checked the web to see when it would come out. I was first in line to buy 2. I love my pre. I love it.

    With that said however, I am switching to Evo. Prior to the pre I had a Centro. I had amazing reception with it. In my home, in my office, everywhere. Once I got the pre however, my reception turned to - it was so bad Sprint sent me an Airave for free. I still get spotty service in my house and in my office. Both my wife and I have had a few pre's and they all have sub par reception in my opinion. I've read through all the posts in this thread and I am quite surprised to see that no one mentioned how lousy the pre reception is.

    I am hoping I'll have better reception with Evo. Also, I hate the fact that when my pre's battery dies it takes forever to start it back up. Frustrating.

    I am a gadget geek. Evo has cool new features. I don't live in 4G so that bites, but hopefully one day soon it will come to sunny orlando. With that said, I still dont mind paying the $10 a month extra. Someone in the posts here called it a luxury tax. I don't mind paying it. After my company discount it would only be $8 and that's not the end of the world.

    Anyway, I preordered the Evo at Best Buy. They are also giving me 115 for my pre. Then take my reward zone coupons and I will be getting the evo for about $35 out the door.

    When I need a pre fix I will play with my wife's phone.

    And I am sure next June 1 I'll get a new phone anyway..


    EDIT - I just read that 4G is coming to Central Florida (Orlando) the first week in august, with the commercial launch in september. Now I am even more excited about the evo.
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    Wait so the rep let you leave the store with the Evo?
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    What city did you test it in?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    Wait so the rep let you leave the store with the Evo?
    With that question and that signature I just had to laugh!

    He tested it inside the store of course.
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    xobx you crack me up ,and like rlopin said ,that's classic with the question and the signature lol ha ha ha ha !!!
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    I read it as he went to two different areas not websites so now I have realized the irony of my signature I really need to get more sleep or start drinking coffee
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    I have seen some reaching, but this is pathetic lol

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