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  • Heck Yes! I can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy!

    286 32.06%
  • No Way! I <3 my WebOS and won't upgrade to any other OS

    222 24.89%
  • Maybe, depends on how much it will cost me out of pocket.

    80 8.97%
  • Not just yet. I'm happy with my Pre... for now...

    286 32.06%
  • What the heck is an EVO?

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    If I don't get flash on my pre soon I might have to switch.
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    24 hours ago I would've came to this thread and said that I'm definitely sticking with me Pre.

    But within that time I used my Pre + headphones for Pandora, and what happened half an hour later? I couldn't make any phone calls because the phone was still stuck in headset mode with that flawed switch.

    Loose battery cover? Oreo effect? Stuck power button? Bad volume rocker? I've had all these problems and more with my Pre but not being able to whip out my phone and make a phone call is infuriating. Especially while I'm spending 15 minutes opening and closing apps, re-plugging the headset, and restarting the phone. The purpose of the phone call was to let my friend know I was on my way to his house, and I got there before I could even use the damn phone.

    I'm still not sure that I'll switch to Evo. I love WebOS and I love the form factor of the Pre. But the only REAL thing keeping me from wanting to try out the Evo is the money I've invested in the Palm app catalog. That's all out the window if I switch phones.
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    ug. i said no earlier... but i'm really thinking about it now....

    I need an intervention....
    palm m103 > palm m130 > palm TlX > 755p > PRE (FINALLY!!!!)
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    Walt Mossberg's review of the EVO confirms that the handset has appalling battery life when 4G is enabled. One review I saw online said it couldn't even manage four hours of life with a fully charged battery with 4G enabled.

    All those fancy features draw battery life down quickly. Add in Android's daily crashes and freezes, and useful life on an EVO with 4G will likely be under three hours a day.
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    I have this disease and i think a lot of you have it too...

    When I've had a phone for about a year my whole body starts to itch with the desire to get something new... I feel the uncontrollable urge to go down to the sprint store and get something new... There are a lot of people out there who's closest thing to getting 'high' is a new gadget and nothing satisfies this urge like a new phone...

    Listen Palm. There is a simple solution. The cure for this disease is anticipation. If you tell me whats coming next and give me an idea when its coming i will start the campout countdown and then be content to wait in anticipation.

    But with no words from palm in a year and a half I'm starting to get MAJOR withdrawals and everytime i read an EVO review i dream of going back to the happy place.

    So as of right now I'm starting the campout countdown and you have 17 days to change my mind.
    palm m103 > palm m130 > palm TlX > 755p > PRE (FINALLY!!!!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by brmiller1976 View Post
    All those fancy features draw battery life down quickly. Add in Android's daily crashes and freezes, and useful life on an EVO with 4G will likely be under three hours a day.
    Now let's be fair and unbiased shall we. The Palm Pre/WebOS isn't exactly the pinnacle of system stability and power

    IMO, the only strength the EVO has going for it is the hardware...unfortunately, hardware matters.
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    Apparently, battery life is WORSE if you go in and out of 4G coverage, or don't hard-stop the 4G radio if you're in an EVDO-only area. Bad as in "under four hours of battery life" bad.
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    Im sticking with the Palm Pre. The Palm Pre has the best OS in the world. With HP on their side, the best is yet to come from Palm. All we have to do is be patient.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brmiller1976 View Post
    Walt Mossberg's review of the EVO confirms that the handset has appalling battery life when 4G is enabled. One review I saw online said it couldn't even manage four hours of life with a fully charged battery with 4G enabled.
    Walt says it was bad, Engadget says it was good. Neither give any glimmer of their testing methodologies. Both seem to be only concerned with heavy active usage, neither mention anything about standby time. We need much more lengthy reviews to get any idea on such factors.

    But, to me, personally, the EVO is less of a smartphone and more of a Mobile Internet device that happens to make phone calls (a description I also put the N900 in). In my view its simply too large to carry around everywhere, which is the whole point of a smartphone.
    Quote Originally Posted by Brain_ReCall
    I'm an Embedded Software Engineer. My idea of a Good User Interface is printf().
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    Its a disease I've had all my life but now I can afford it! kinda... lol I loved my Pre and i think webOS has the best UI but they need some new updated hardware, more developers wouldn't hurt ether... I'm getting an EVO!
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    We can argue till we are blue in the face. But there is no user experience that makes itself as easy to get around as webOS. Android is a great OS, but the fundamental design of the webOS card system is untouchable. I would still prefer webOS over the EVO even if the EVO came with a 2GHz processor.
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    interface interface interface, stick with webOS. Android? Been there, done that, sold it on ebay. Never looking back.
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    i like to see the android email app in action...

    anyone familiar with android have a nice youtube video on its email app?

    Ive been searching for 30min to no avail
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    Engadgets reviews are in the verdict is:

    Let us be crystal clear: we love this phone. Nay, we adore it.

    That said, this is truly one of the best smartphones ever made, and even spotty 4G -- a reality of a young technology that's going to take years to properly build out -- probably won't do much to hamper your enjoyment of this thing. It's reasonable to assume that phones like the EVO will ultimately come to every carrier over the next few months... but hey, if you jumped ship for Sprint to pick up this monster, we wouldn't be able blame you.
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    Hey cool Evo demo stuff

    HTC EVO [ONLINE] Demo, Setup and How to
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    Quote Originally Posted by nvmaddog View Post
    Apparently you haven't owned your Pre very long.

    Horrible battery life? Check

    Crashes and restarts? Daily

    Only able to use the phone for 3 hours a day? You bet your ***.

    Sounds like the Palm Pre to me.
    bu bu but the pre has webos !!!!

    I know wat you talkin about, and most fa nboys or wat ever they are called will say I get 10 or 8 hours better than evo, and I use power saver and such.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Young HoV 718 View Post
    I think its time to move the thread into this huge mess of one.

    Mods going wild. This is cross platform right? The Evo might generate a number of threads but there's no reason to make things unbearable to read by jamming every thread into one.

    I don't remember this happening before even with the iphone releases. It's quite annoying though.
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    I was a month late jumping on the Pre bandwagon for my first smart phone. I spent money on most of the bells and whistles (touchpad, card charger, case, etc) right after purchase. I'm on my 3rd Pre, but we don't even have 3G coverage where I live. It's supposed to be coming sometime this summer. When I have travelled the difference is amazing. I can't wait until 4G comes to SE LA, in about 5 years or so.
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    just get it. no love lost. with all your info in the cloud it's easy to come back if you think their next device fits the bill. If money isn't a big issue, hold on to both phones and if/when the C40 hits, you can sell both phones to buy it outright. No harm no foul. Did you read Engadget's review?
    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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    You people complaining about Evo's battery life and as and early adopter to the Pre the battery was terrible until after two weeks of use and even then it wasn't great but better. I read the same thing about the incredible, with most reporting improved battery life after two weeks.

    With that said how long have these sites demoing the the Evo had the device for to make an accurate assessment of Evo's battery life.

    Android 2.2 (froyo)will be out and right behind it will be gingerbread and thats what you call rapid development.

    Who knows by the time Palm announces Pre 2 htc will announce Evo2. Words out that Htc is already working on the Htc hd3 with Win Phone7.

    I hope Palm will have there **** together because they will be under siege by Android 2.?, OSX 4.0, Win phone7 and blackberry 6.0.

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