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  • Heck Yes! I can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy!

    286 32.06%
  • No Way! I <3 my WebOS and won't upgrade to any other OS

    222 24.89%
  • Maybe, depends on how much it will cost me out of pocket.

    80 8.97%
  • Not just yet. I'm happy with my Pre... for now...

    286 32.06%
  • What the heck is an EVO?

    18 2.02%
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    I think I could sell my Pre easily for that difference so it wouldn't make any difference to me, though it does make things simpler.
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    I always had loyalty to Palm but its HP now. Theres as much a chance the WebOS devices are HP Branded. I have zip loyalty to HP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by torourke View Post
    how much does one pay for a new device when you upgrade on sprint after one year?

    same as everybody else who are buying the phone with no existing contract.

    299 minus the 100 rebate. however as a Premi member you get to have the option of a new phone every 12 mos.. instead of 22 as a regular customer.
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    i've been trying to get the gf to get a pixi but she can't ugrade till november i think.

    so my plan is to get the evo and give her my pre. if i like webos better i'll just use the evo until she can get a new phone then sell the evo and go back to the pre or new webos phone if there is one.
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    Remind me not to find out what this button on my Microsoft keyboard doesn while in OpenSuse, Just lost my whole post.

    My phone is my "best friend". It goes every place I go, it sings to me, it keeps me entertained when I'm bored.
    If I'm lost it tell me where I should be, Give me information on anything I may need to know.
    But a best friend needs to be reliable and the Pre isn't.

    Besides the hardware issues, my Pre has been replaced at a rate of one/two months since launch day, 1.4.x has introduced a number of problems.
    Random 15+ second pauses where it's totally unresponsive, Google Maps, the camera, photos, videos all open very slow, the camera may not open at all.
    Bluetooth no longer reconnects reliably and needs a luna restart when it doesn't.
    Random restarts and crashes on incoming phone calls.
    (I've doctored this phone twice with a full erase, also did the same on a previous phone, and the issues remain on a clean system.)

    Honestly I don't feel good about Palm anymore.
    They created a wonderful innovative OS and a beautiful looking and feeling phone but at this point it's been "squandered".
    We can debate Palm's mistakes all day long but interest in WebOS has fallen off.
    App releases have fallen off and that is starting to hurt. My Pre never got the functionality of my Touch Pro.

    Teh HP buy-out did nothing to reassure me but did just the opposite.
    I'm to believe WebOS is going to be on printers? ***? SRSLY!?
    I got enough teasing about my phone after the VZ "Mom campaign". I don't even want to go there on this.

    Android is clunky, unrefined and quite ugly a few places. But it'll be my new BFF until Palm makes a drastic change and proves themselves.
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    I am gonna go ahead and say that I will be jumping ship over to the Evo, though my Premier status does not allow me to do so until July 1st. As much as i wish I could get the phone the first day its out, I can't help but worry there will be little problems for it (like the loose battery problems with the Pre.)
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    I did mention I was on the fence but I think Im not going to go with the EVO as Andorid just sucks , the battery will probally have to be charged 5 times a day and its just too big. ( I think the Pre is too small ( screen wise) but the EVO is too big. BUT I am looking for a new phone for the next 2 years. I have a feeling as i mentioned in the other thread that HP will focus more on slates and laptops etc. They are after all not a pure cell phone company . Ofocurse I would love a EVO type phone with web OS . Web OS is easily the best operating systems for mobile phones I have ever used.
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    I am holding off for a new WebOS Device whether Palm or HP!
    Hopefully 4G!
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    I am sticking it out with my Pre. If I decide to get a different phone it will be a Motorola unless another American company manufactures a better phone.
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    it's a real issue for me. I love WEBOS but Sprint Palm Pre Hardware is straight garbage. So I will most likely jump on the EVO (Probably Not if Sprint had gotten Pre Plus Specs) as soon as I become eligible for an upgrade.

    Like I said, I really love WebOS and hopefuly with HP's backing there should be a hell of a device in the future but for now, I'm going to the EVO.
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    Ditching my Pre for an Evo in July. I'm tired of being a 3rd class citizen when it comes to cool new apps and features. I'm glad Sprint lets me upgrade yearly, because it'll probably be another year before WebOS is kicking ***.
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    I was set on doing so when the EVO was announced. Now, I'm not too keen on being forced to pay $10 more because "it will entice me to use more data" BS. If anything, it'll entice me to copy my own movies over to watch since it's too damn slow to transfer with the Pre.

    However, w/ that said, I got a new refurb Pre because my power button died. It still oreos, but I will probably hold out as long as I can. It seems ridiculous for me to buy a new phone a year in, just to have something new. It's not like it's bad, just wish it had more features by now (wifi data syncing, streaming video from a local wifi source, shazam).
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    Quote Originally Posted by damdre2 View Post
    why dont you just buy a pre off craigslist and then buy the ew palm phone on sprint when ot comes out
    Hmmm. That's an interesting idea, but I'm trying to move away from my existing carrier, and I want the new customer benefits at Sprint.

    1) If I buy the used Pre for Sprint, then I become a new customer at Sprint, but I wouldn't get any discount.
    2) If I buy a used Pre for Verizon, my existing carrier, would they let me activate it without signing a new contract? I wonder ... and I would really like to get away from them ASAP.

    Plus, I'm a little hesitant about purchasing a used smartphone.

    It's a good, creative idea, though!
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    I think you guys are fooling yourself if you think Palm will come out with something new this summer after the Evo, Iphone launch. I think that even if there was a sight chance of that judging by what happen with the Pre they will take there time and do it right.

    I love the Pre and webos but i'm not in love with it, sorry! They are expecting to compete by removing a ball, adding ram, storage and adding a + on some old outdated hardware. The Pre is so last years news and they keep passing this model T from one carrier to another and the response is yarn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !
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    I already pre ordered my evo at bestbuy so just little over two weeks left with my pre kinda sad i love web os but im a electronic jun-key got to have the new device. My wife is getting my pre so its not going anywhere ill still use it and upgrade for the wife as need be. but ill be back next year if they can out do htc with something great
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    Why are soo many people on this forum soo negative about the prospect of a new WebOS phone? I really don't get it. Do all of you people not know how business is done in the tech world? Six months to a year for new hardware if all goes as planned with design and implementation. Add another six months if the plan went to hell. So a new phone is going to come soon, as in sometime this year.

    I think Palm did learn there lesson last time and this new device should be a sight better than the Pre.

    Oh and I had a chance to get my hands on an HTC HD2 the other day. The Evo is essentially the same phone but has android instead of win mobile. It's just too big for my liking. I already have a phone in a holster for work so my personal phone has to be able to fit in my pocket. The evo does not fit in my pocket very well so I'd have to pass even if I didn't love my Pre.
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    I love Web OS for the most part. Not happy that companies like DataViz and other big ones have abandoned development. I am a business user and do need to edit Office documents every once in a while. I have also had 12 Pre's since last June. The hardware is absolutely terrible. Even for those that have had the same one since June, the hardware is still very average.

    Hopefully with the bailout by HP, there will be some new and better hardware in the fall and if the specs rival Android and Windows Phone 7 then I will definitely give Palm a try again. They could go a long way with replacing all Sprint users Pre's with Pre +'s, but that is not going to happen. I couldn't sell my Pre for a decent price so I will keep it hoping that there will still be some serious OS updates until a new model comes out.

    There are some cons with Android for business users, but I am willing to deal with them until Google fixes in a future OS. My main peeve is that Android will not allow unlimited Microsoft Office Outlook Contact Notes. It will only allow a few lines of notes, so if you have several paragraphs of notes you can't view them on your Android device. One of the other cons of the EVO is the increased cost of an extra $10 per month whether you are in a 4G area or not. It is really a premium Sprint is charging because they feel they can, however, once a competitor provides a similar product without the extra fee, Spring will have to eat it. I don't think they should be jerking power using customers around right now. Why should I pay $30 extra per month for a WiFi hotspot on the EVO when Verizon's Pre Plus gives the same feature for free?

    I will try it out, but if it is not worth the extra money for me I will limp along with my Pre until a new model comes out. Good luck to those who stay and those who try out the EVO. I am sure we will all have loads of information to make informed decisions by June 5th or 6th.
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    Six months to a year for new hardware if all goes as planned with design and implementation. Add another six months if the plan went to hell. So a new phone is going to come soon, as in sometime this year.

    I'm just looking at reality and even you said six months to a year. Well I can have my new Evo and in a year get a new palm phone. When the ship is slowly sinking its time to get on that lifeboat.
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    You know what I meant, the Pre has been out for about a year now so the new hardware is coming. I don't think that Palm has been sitting on there hands for a year and hoping for the best unless there plan was to go out of business all along. I think they will make an announcement in a the next few months. But that's just me you are free to be as "Evocentric" as you want.
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    So does Sprint give you a trade-in discount? Anyone have details on that?

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