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  • Heck Yes! I can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy!

    286 32.06%
  • No Way! I <3 my WebOS and won't upgrade to any other OS

    222 24.89%
  • Maybe, depends on how much it will cost me out of pocket.

    80 8.97%
  • Not just yet. I'm happy with my Pre... for now...

    286 32.06%
  • What the heck is an EVO?

    18 2.02%
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  1. ipierce24's Avatar
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    I love my Pre for it's potential and OS, but I want the evo for everything it is. It pretty much has everything I want in a phone and more. Now with that said I think I might actually just add another line just to keep my Pre up and running for like my business #'s and everything we shall see how that work's. I love sprint plans I can have unlimited everything for three phones for about $120 can't beat it.
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    I agree with most of what is said here.

    1) I love webOS
    2) They need newer faster hardware.. I do love that the pre-community has given me patches like the overclocking, mobile hotspot, and all-knowing preware
    3) for the average user: I see defection to EVO inevitable (even the techies that just like the gadgets and not customizing... EVO-bound is inevitable).
    4) I myself will probably get the EVO (on or soon thereafter June 6th) and decide from there. I am just hoping palm announces a new phone soon thereafter so I can sell it. (I have a family plan on sprint premiere and my brother gets all my phone hand me downs (well I gave him my old refurb pre when they didnt ask for it back). So we have 3 upgrades to work with and I told them I am using them at my discretion.
    5) I have used android and the iphone OS. They are good but not great. webOS is great. It really does capture all I need with a phone.
    6) This site is awesome.
    7) Sprint's service is great just want the better hardware!
    8) slide out keyboard > on screen any day.
    I love the Palm Pre and I hope the retain the design and beef up the specs for Sprint!

    1.1ghz - F104 patch + Govnah
    Mobile HotSpot setup
    Sprint backed 3g fire in Sacramento, CA
    Preware yoked
    Customized beyond belief. I have a great phone, it runs like a champ.
    Pandora, Radiotune, uTorrent control, Sprint Nav, Touchstone packed car, audio source. You name it my phone is doing it.
    webOS is the best OS I have used on a phone.. bar none!
  3. tejoe's Avatar
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    To stress others points, the end-user doesn't buy the phones the carriers do. So, Palm now loaded with cash from hp doesn't care about the Evo. Palm is not in survivor mode, they can wait judge the market and build a killer product and not have to compete with even new phone. Apple follows the same philsophy with the og iphone and ipad. There was better hardware and software out there when both products came out but they just had killer products.Thats what I want from palm my pre won't blow up as soon as my contract expires.I have no doubt that carriers will be lining up buy the new Hp/palm phone just from a buzz stand point.
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    Now why would anybody jump ship to the EVO when they love WebOS so much? If I could port it to an EVO then, yeah. I'm thinking about going on Ebay and finding a Slate pc to port WebOS to it. Heck, a user just did it with a Dell laptop imagine a new slate pc! Anybody interested in trying?
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    I posted a poll on the Android site about this. It's a poll about where people where switching from, and the vast majority said they are switching from webOS.

    Check out the poll, it's a good one.

    The post is called "Curious. Who is Switching and From What?"
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    Since Palm phones are not even close to being the top seller on the sprint network, what are you guys talking about??

    It would seem fitting if this phone is sooooo special, then the focus might be on RIMM and others getting hurt by the EVO more so than my opinion.

    I for one will stick with my pre until the next webOS comes out to see if it fits my desire, if others decide to jump ship, then enjoy your new EVO.

    We all know what the situation is at HP Palm, so we may not hear anything about a new device until July....if you cant wait, then thats the beauty of America's free market.
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    I'm fleeing From the palm Pre even though I've had no issues with it and its in like new condition.
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    I agree...i think i prefer LCD on my mobile devices. But some reviewers see it as a negative...just one of those things.
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    what the heck would i do with all these touchstones if i switched????
    palm m103 > palm m130 > palm TlX > 755p > PRE (FINALLY!!!!)
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    EVO im sure will be great, but i love WebOS and it will suffice until Palm/HP develops their next phone (which i think they will eventually make).

    i hope Palm comes out with a phone similar to the Pre design, and i hope they do it soon.

    i've used android and i still like WebOS better. the EVO is the first 4G phone and i never considered it a good idea to get the first of anything when it first comes out. look at the pre when it first came out to now; hell look at WebOS back then.

    WebOS, i believe, is the most progressive mobile operating system. it is young and they already set the bar high on what we could expect for next-gen operating systems. i'm loyal to Palm. however, if their next device falls short hardware-wise i will consider moving on.
  11. S4Rs's Avatar
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    Even with the extra 10 bucks a month, the Evo is still cheaper monthly than an Incredible on Verizon, or a Nexus One on AT&T.

    And as far as the hotspot feature goes, give it a week and someone will root the phone and get that working just like myTether does.
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    I will be trading in my Pre June 4th for the EVO. Mainly for the larger screen and impressive hardware...

    My wife will be keeping her Pre for the time being but if they offered me two phone upgrades, I would get them both replaced.
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    Similarly on topic:

    Sprint CFO: 'Pre didn't work out as well as we hoped' -- Engadget

    Sprint CFO: 'Pre didn't work out as well as we hoped'
    By Chris Ziegler posted May 18th 2010 at 4:26PM
    The worst of Palm's fears may be over now that HP has played the knight-in-shining-armor role, but Sprint -- the States' number three carrier -- still has a ways to go before it can claim it's out of the woods, having gone a solid string of fiscal quarters now without posting a profit or a net gain in subscribers. Of course, this is the kind of situation that puts dudes with the word "financial" in their titles on the hot seat, and sure enough, Sprint CFO Robert Brust came out swinging at an investor conference this week. Brust points to narrowing losses and an expanding prepaid presence as reasons he thinks the company can grow revenue by year-end, not to mention an expanding 4G footprint and -- on a closely related note -- the imminent release of the EVO 4G. Showing a bit of humility, he also said that the company has "learned a lot" since the launch of the Pre, acknowledging that the phone "didn't work out as well as [they] hoped." In other words: we wouldn't expect any more crazy two-phone exclusive deals with Palm lasting the better part of a year any time soon.
    Hopefully they don't mess up again with the Evo.
    (looks for marketing on TV....)

    Oh well....nevermind.
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    Yeah i'd come back to WebOS if the OS has significant improvements in features and stability.

    Also, much better hardware.

    No beef with Palm, i Love Palm...but I left the Treo 755p for the blackberry curve for the same reason. No sign of a new phone and the competition was moving past them. Life of a techie and main difference between Palm fans and Apple Fans (no offense to sensible apple fans) many of us will take a honest look at other products if there are better options out there.
  15. sheltem's Avatar
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    It is a tough choice for me. I was pretty dead set on sticking with WebOS for the past year. But my original launch day Pre is falling apart and as such I am really starting to hate Palm.

    From the hardware end, HTC sure knows how to build great devices. And on the software front, the geniuses over at XDA-developers do some amazing things with custom ROMs.
    R.I.P. Windows Mobile (2002 - 2009)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pogeypre View Post
    I think a lot of Palm defectors are party hoppers anyway. When the cops come, they bail. When the party picks up again, they're back.

    I'm not defecting because it's still Android, 2.1 or not (no thanks). The hw looks ridiculous and I'd love some of those hw specs on a WebOS device. But I'll wait and see what Palm unveils in the summer.
    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!
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    Sense UI is the only reason i'm going to android. The stock android is a struggle.
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    I Just Don't KNOW
  19. rockyjay's Avatar
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    Not giving up on WebOS but i have to try the Evo. I'm keeping my old Pre and when the new Pre2 arrives, I'll make the decision about selling both older devices for it.
  20. wessock's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crackbone View Post
    The $10 charge includes unlimited 3G and 4G data. No caps on either network.
    Every data plan while using data on the PHONE is already uncapped. The 5gig cap only applies to cards and tethering, not phones. It's a really common misconception, but this $10 doesn't get you anything special as far as a cap goes UNLESS you're opting for the $30 tethering feature too. As far as I can see, the $10 is a rip-off charge considering most people have wi-fi access usually, don't have 4g access and 4g was supposed to be free anyway. Most people will not be using any more data than they already do with other smart phones.

    That being said, I already put in my pre-order at Best Buy for an EVO. I like the hardware and the software is perfectly acceptable. I'm tired of buggy palm versions of both with empty promises and pipe dream speculation on the future, HP or not. With BB Reward Zone coupons and BB's awesome Pre Trade in deal (they give you $113 trade-in instantly if you bought the Pre at BB, or $113 in 2-3 weeks if bought else where) I'm getting the EVO for about $73. That was too good to pass up for software that I know is fully featured and developed and hardware from a company that's known for solid devices. The more you read about just the physical materials specs used to make the EVO, the more you wonder how the Pre could ever cost so much and be built so flimsy.

    Sure there are ******* on both sides, but they're all just PHONES. If they don't do what you need when you need them to, move on to the next. Obviously everybody here wanted their Pre/Pixi to be great or they wouldn't have bought them, but by the number of people jumping ship for the same reasons, Palm failed this go around.

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