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  • Heck Yes! I can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy!

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  • No Way! I <3 my WebOS and won't upgrade to any other OS

    222 24.89%
  • Maybe, depends on how much it will cost me out of pocket.

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  • Not just yet. I'm happy with my Pre... for now...

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  • What the heck is an EVO?

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    Quote Originally Posted by akarol View Post
    I had originally posted in the Pre forums and I guess it got moved. I don't know how this isn't Pre-related as it is asking Pre users whether they're changing or not, but oh well. I don't mind.
    I don't think I moved it, either way, it belongs in Cross Platform. This whole forum is PreCentral. It only makes sense to have some sort of order, rather than dumping everything related to the Pre in the Pre section.

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    Sorry I just placed my Pre-Order for my EVO 4G. I am a huge fan of the WebOS. Myself, wife, and brother all have Sprint Pre’s. However, Palm really has not given me anything to stay. As of right now June 4th is 3 weeks away, and I have a 30 trial window for the EVO. This is the way I see it, Palm has two months for me to stay with the WebOS. Please Palm, give me some hope to stay!!! I want to see something new!
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    If they don't announce, many many many many will jump ship.

    I do not know one person personally with the Pre who is not awaiting the HTC Evo and these aren't even "I look at online forums/ or I'm a tech geek" folk.


    Though some factual information is included, this post is largely based on my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crackbone View Post
    The fanatical PDF (Palm Defense Force) is starting to wear thin. Fine, you like you choice, good for you. Begging people to stay is pretty lame.
    Ah yes, if you like your phone and come to its defense, you're clearly a fanatic.

    And nobody is begging anybody to stay. If anything, I see people begging the ones leaving to JUST LEAVE ALREADY instead of posting endless threads and threats about leaving. I see your reasons for wanting to leave, even if I don't concur at all. So just throw away your Pre, sell it, or give it away for free and go. Leave. Now.

    Nobody's going to miss you, you're just ticking people off by telling them that the system of their choice sucks when clearly, it's you that doesn't like it, not us. And considering that this is a Palm forum, why don't you take your hatred of Palm with you to the Android forum where it will be appreciated? Instead of telling the Palm users on a Palm forum that their Palm is stupid and that they shouldn't like it.
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    WebOS is nice but Crackbone has a point, the fanboyism is out of control. It is sorta sad people get so emotionally involved with a company, phone, gaming system etc the list goes on
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    I pre-ordered the Evo today. You know the main reason why? Because today I also had to call Asurion to get my 5th effin replacement Pre! And this is for the exact same reason as every other one... the phone is stuck in headset mode. I've been lucky with everything else... no oreo, no leaking or dead pixels, nothing except getting stuck in headset mode. If Palm would just listen to people's issues then I'd be waiting for the next Palm device. I will be keeping my Pre though, I absolutely love webOS and I'm sure I'll switch back every now and then, but I will NEVER put a set of headphones in my Pre again.
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    If you're a Premier customer, you are eligible for new contract pricing every year. I bought the Pre on June 16 last year and apparently I am eligible for an upgrade on June 1. I think Sprint is bumping up customer upgrade dates to June 1 for others as well, because I've seen others say that they were eligible on June 1 as well.
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    isn't this the cross platform forum? and people get mad when we talk about the htc evo, and why we are switching. if you can't take the news of all these guys switching over to another platform and then stay away from this forum. go, LEAVE, NOW
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    So, I went to BB this morning and experienced THE rudest employee EVER!!!! I told him that I'd like to pre-order the EVO and he said "ok" and I asked him if it was guaranteed that I'd get the phone on launch. He said, "I don't know. I ant verify that for you"...and I told him that I was told the store would AT LEAST have enough devices to fill pre-orders. I was calm, but a little perturbed. He then walks away and says "Im not going to deal with you". Gawd, I've never been so disrespected. I was so PO'd having driven to Springfield in lunch hour traffic only to face such rudeness.

    I ended up going to 'THE SHACK' where the employee was VERY nice and expressed excitment for me and my EVO...her upgrade isn't avail. until Sept., so she's a bit jealous hehe. She said that she just got an email about a big conference call this evening...all about the EVO. She also mentioned that this Pre-Order deal was all new w/ the Evo and that she had calls from 6 people this morning who told her they planned on coming in to pre-order. Hell ya She was also kind enough to tel me that since Springfield wasn't my neighborhood, she would ship the EVO to the store nearest me. Plus they offer a $20 credit for accesories...BB doesn't. Yay I'm getting excited. Hopefully this post makes sense. I've been typing on my Palm Pre while stopped at traffic lights, etc.
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    Got my Radio Shack pre-order today. The nice employee said she'll call me in about a week to let me know when my appointment is. Shcore!
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    Radioshack wouldn't let me pre-order today because my eligibility isn't good until June 1st (got Pre last June) ;p. I am not even 100% sure I want the phone so maybe this is a sign.
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    just got back from the shack...was the only one that preordered there today, they said...real the $20 gc is too good to go to bb for. And my upgrade eligilibility not being til june 1st wasn't a problem...all set to go.
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    I see many of these comments on SD site..

    / lol nice to see you guys around

    I will be loyal to Palm though. I NEEEEEEEEEED a physical keyboard for my constant emailing.
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    Where's the poll option for "I don't want an EVO, I want WebOS!"???
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    wow the speedtest is amazing...

    nice phone
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    Quote Originally Posted by stubbs View Post
    Where's the poll option for "I don't want an EVO, I want WebOS!"???
    same.. Or how bout: I live in a country that's not the united states so getting the evo with be a waste of 450 canadian dollars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stubbs View Post
    Where's the poll option for "I don't want an EVO, I want WebOS!"???
    How about this.
    Try "I have been with Palm for years and now that they have the BEST OS on the market I plan on staying for the long haul. EVO is a phone for non Palm'ers."
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    I am soooooooo envious of this phone!! You guys on Sprint are very lucky to have this option.
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    Yeah, we have 4 lines in our plan and apparently the Premier line was linked to my mother's. I called them and asked them to change and they said that it would take 1-3 billing cycles for the change to occur, but most likely by the 22nd of this month (end of this billing cycle) it will be resolved. I hope that's the case because I don't want to wait any longer. If the change doesn't go through until then, I'll have to get the Evo in my mother's line and then make the switch; which could be a hassle.

    I have it waitlisted already at a local third-party affiliate but after reading about Radio Shack's preordering deal (instand $100 rebate with a $50 deposit + free $20 for accessories) I'll be sure to hitting them up soon.

    I'll most likely sell my Palm Pre to cover some (hopefully most) of my upgrade cost. As I mentioned before, I see the potential with WebOS but I feel that Android is the team to be on as far as the future goes.

    QUICK QUESTION: All representatives I spoke to today (about 5 of them) told me that as a Premier Spring customer we can upgrade every year. But then I read something about a $150 rebate for a 2-year contract or a $75 rebate for a 1-year. If I get the full $150 rebate, would I be eligible for another upgrade the following year, or would I have to wait 2 years to be eligible again? They assured me that I'd still be eligible every year but then why would anyone opt for the $75 rebate instead? Doesn't really make sense to me.

    Thanks in advance guys!
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    This is now the official getting the HTC EVO 4G thread. If you wish to post about your desire to get the HTC EVO on, please do so here. Point all other thread creators here. Thanks!
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