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  • Heck Yes! I can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy!

    286 32.06%
  • No Way! I <3 my WebOS and won't upgrade to any other OS

    222 24.89%
  • Maybe, depends on how much it will cost me out of pocket.

    80 8.97%
  • Not just yet. I'm happy with my Pre... for now...

    286 32.06%
  • What the heck is an EVO?

    18 2.02%
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    I'll probably switch to the Evo when it comes out. Then I'll switch again to the next coolest thing next year. I love Sprint's every-year upgrade program.
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    what price do sprint customers pay who are upgrading after a year?
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    $199 is a decent price but we have two phones so we're stuck with Pre for now because of tethering

    This is a big deal for us since we use it so often with our disabled iPhones and iPad. $29.99 hotspot is rough, and I dont buy the "same as getting a MiFi" thing because EVO tethering probably is a power hog but the MiFi has an independent battery.

    Overall though, this is good for Sprint. It's the most appealing phone for now and Sprint prices (even with the $10more scam) still beats everyone else.

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    HTC EVO can do data and voice at the same time....

    Sprint: HTC Evo 4G available June 4 for $199.99 | Wireless - CNET News
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    I mentioned that in my post. It can do 4g data and voice at the same time. Great for when you're using it as a hotspot. Looks like threads merged which I'm sure was your doing...

    So if you're on a business plan you can actually get a 200 landline minute plane for $59.99 + $10 premium for the 4g. The Evo 4g plan is just a $10 add on to their existing everything plans in whatever form they're in (Everything, Business Msg & Data or whatever that Employee plan is which I believe is $10 less/mo than the regular data plan).

    The 8 person hotspot is $29.95 so half the cost of a separate data card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    Android 2.1 hits the Hero today actually.
    yeah, how did that go for everyone? IDK, its a nice device, but I've always found Android to be "clunky".... Was hoping 2.1 on a hero would change my mind..... Its not the speed that bugs me, its just the whole ui I guess.... Of course I will pick it up for a week or 2, but I'm fairly certain its gonna go back before I'm stuck with it...
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    Hi friends,

    Just letting everyone know I got the fated email that may sign the last of my days with Palm. I just received, as im sure everyone else has as well, the sprint email letting me know that the Evo 4g is going on sale June 4 with a pricetag of 199 after mail-in rebate (for a new 2 year activation) what that means for people who are constantly between phone renewals Im not entirely sure but jsut thought it should be out there.

    I probably wont switch (more to do with my current budget than my love of the hardware) but I think that a bunch of people will. That should come neither as a shock or surprise to people who know the phone business but it should be a sign to Palm (and HP) that they need to come up with a killer WebOS slate phone sooner rather than later.

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    please. like anyone on webOS hasn't had their share of missed expected dates for updates and releases. You're giving him a hard time about that?
    Quote Originally Posted by mrloserpunk View Post
    yeah, how did that go for everyone?
    Two add to that.... Android Froyo 2.2 got clocked at about 450% on the Nexus 1 compared to 2.1. Imagine how silky smooth Android and Sense will be when that update rolls around on the Evo.
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    I'm a bit bothered that it looks like there's a $10/month charge for Premium data, even if you don't have 4g. Doesn't make sense.
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    $30 for the mobile hotspot app is wayyyy too much for what i would use it for, but that seems pretty good for those business people who currently pay something close to that for a 3G card for their laptops.
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    I still love my Pre and will be keping it and playing with it often, but at this point I'm fairly certain I'm going to switch to the Evo.

    I'm not a huge fan of Android (its got nothing on WebOS) but the hardware is great and I haven't seen a thing from Palm yet. I'll probably switch back depending on what Palm comes out with (hopefully 4G).

    Having used the HTC Incredible and the HD2 (Evo software and Evo hardware), I can say the Evo is going to be SICK.
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    no one is twisting your arm to buy the evo. It only makes sense to charge for it. Don't see it as being a scam charge as one person put it. Unless they have a way of disabling the 4g radio it is what it is for those in a non 4g area. And even if they did lock it down, you don't think it would get hacked and enabled? Everything they can charge for seems to get hacked so it's accomplished for free. So if you can't police and enforce, charge everyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brmiller1976 View Post
    Seriously, if y'all on the Android camp are going to come to Pre-land and argue the merits of your phone, please don't do so by insulting our intelligence.
    You sound like my little cousin talking about why Team Jacob is better than Team Edward.

    Just because the EVO doesn't fit your personal needs doesn't mean the device isn't relevant to the mobile world. And that includes Palm. These are enviable specs that we should hope Palm is paying attention to because clearly their "ladies phone" direction isn't attracting the marketshare the OS deserves.
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    That $10/m extra for the phone is a huge turnoff. I hope that was a misunderstanding, because I just cant see myself paying it. If it's true, I might have to wait till the next android phone that 3g only.
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    I hate the $10 charge but i will pay it considering my bill is a little over $45/month anyway!
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    Hopefully the $10 4g charge gets cleared up soon. There is talk that it is optional but you need to subscribe to it to use 4g. If that is the case, since I'm currently not in a 4g area, hopefully I won't have to pay it, but I think Sprint will need to clarify. The wording is confusing.
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    We'll see if that $10 charge is mandatory - this will make or break for a lot of people. Ridiculous for those in a non-4G area.
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    The Pre will be the back up, the EVO will be the starter.
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    After one year you get the 2 yr discount which is at this point $199 after rebate. Best Buy and Radio Shack will sure have a better deal
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bujin View Post
    I'm a bit bothered that it looks like there's a $10/month charge for Premium data, even if you don't have 4g. Doesn't make sense.
    I was all for getting the EVO until I read that. I live near Orlando so I might get a signal when I'm visiting my parents, but I would rather save the $10 a month and just stick with 3G. It seems like every time I upgrade my phone with Sprint I have to upgrade my plan.

    I used to have the $29.99 SERO plan.

    Then I got the Instinct and had to get the $59.99 Employee Referral Plan because of the 3G data.

    Now I have to add $10 to that and pay $69 for WiMax coverage that I don't even get.

    I've finally got my Pre customized to be right where I want it, maybe I'll just wait for the next Palm phone to come out. Though I'm sure every new phone from here on out will be WiMax and require the extra premium data plan.

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