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  • Heck Yes! I can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy!

    286 32.06%
  • No Way! I <3 my WebOS and won't upgrade to any other OS

    222 24.89%
  • Maybe, depends on how much it will cost me out of pocket.

    80 8.97%
  • Not just yet. I'm happy with my Pre... for now...

    286 32.06%
  • What the heck is an EVO?

    18 2.02%
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    Quote Originally Posted by koolkid09 View Post
    Ah hush. Your just as bad as the people that's making the evo threads.
    Naw, those folks that want to jump ship should just put their swim trunks on and just jump. This is precentral not biggoofyphonewith4Gcentral. They belong on androidcentral......really they do.
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    Maybe some of those who plan on getting the Evo (me) want some of the issues with WebOS worked out. I will be more than happy to come back to WebOS in about a year after HP has had some time to spend on development some more. There are too many small things that slow down the experience now that I think will be solved with better hardware (Faster/more RAM) and possibly switching to javascript to render faster. WebOS is by far the best idea I have seen and used in a mobile OS and want it to develop and expand. I will miss things when I switch to Android most certainly but I have used it enough also to know the simple things work faster for now.
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    well hp and palm is not do to Finalized the purchase until the end of July, with that said i'm going to get the htc evo, in the mean time and when hp/palm pre 2 comes out then i will go back to the best OS in the world that is the palm webos with a htc evo hardware like.
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    I'd rather Sprint does NOT get the Pre Plus. I'd rather they wait and get the new Palm device (new hw, form factor, etc).

    If people like the EVO (great hw specs), by all means, feel free. I'm just not an Android fan. It seems like a step backwards after WebOS.
    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!
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    "If Palm doesn't come up with something really quick I'm gonna get the Evo."
    Oh c'mon guys, it's so simple, maybe you need a refresher course. It's all ball bearings these days.---Fletch
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    That Evo sure is looking good - too bad Palm hasn't been able to measure up this year. Maybe I should start a new thread about this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brmiller1976 View Post
    The OS is continually updated, but only on new hardware.

    For instance, if you have a Sprint HTC Hero, you're still waiting for Android 2.1, which will "come out sometime this year." If you purchased a T-Mobile G1 this year, you won't get the update at all.
    That's because Palm was busy applying duct tape and zip ties to webos to keep the damn thing running. And twice it happened that an update broke something else and they had to fix it with yet another update. Don't get me wrong, I was excited for every update, I ate up every glimmer of a rumor of when a new update was coming out, I stayed up until 3 am to download 1.4.1, and you know what, after a year of updating, my Pre runs slow as molasses. Scrolling through the launcher is painful and embarrassing to watch, the TMC rears its ugly head all the time, omg, don't get me started on the updates.

    These are the features that were added over an entire year that I really care about:

    1. Video camera (every cheap flip phone can do that out of the box)
    2. Notification light (really? it took that long, patches to enable it early don't count)
    3. Upgrade to the phone dialer where you can access a contacts other phone number and SMS
    4. 3d games (the dark side to that, reboot your phone before you play)

    I don't think Android had to be upgraded to enable those basic features. The other day I got to play with an older Samsung device running Android 1.5, it looked clunky, but everything seemed to work, and it had all the features (except 3d games) that the Pre was missing out of the box.

    The Motorola Droid got it's 2.1 upgrade, didn't it? And the Hero is still supposed to get its update. I hate to tell you, but smart phones are advancing at break neck speed. Any real tech enthusiast usually can't wait to get their hands on new hardware, myself included. So if you're the kind that keeps your smart phone for 5 years hoping to get the latest OS update and expecting it to run that new OS as good as the new phones do, then you are out of luck. It's tight competition out there in smart phone world, and companies throw their resources at making new devices, not upgrading old ones.

    Then again, if you're Palm, and you are trying to save the company with subpar hardware and a beta OS, it's mandatory to try and patch that OS up as frequently as possible.

    By the way, there is no such thing as a P4 450 Mhz. P4s were all clocked over 1 ghz, you are talking about a P3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    Android 2.1 hits the Hero today actually.
    I believe I read somewhere that unfortunatley, they delayed it....again.
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    I don't know why, but they seemed to love copying Apple in some areas.

    Voice recording? Video recording? Why is that not there during launch?
    The number of apps were embarrassingly low in the first couple months. I thought it would be good if they came out with some developers in the beginning.
    While the form factor is good for pocketing, the hardware itself caused some major issues... Everytime I would handle the phone, the top half would tilt a little... Oreo anyone?

    The thing is, Android isn't in beta anymore. With the rollout of the HTC Evo, we already know what we can expect. The hardware is just updated.

    It's not like a whole 'nother OS... like WebOS. Android's quite polished and with new hardware, it's doing better than ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by electrical1213 View Post
    well hp and palm is not do to Finalized the purchase until the end of July, with that said i'm going to get the htc evo, in the mean time and when hp/palm pre 2 comes out then i will go back to the best OS in the world that is the palm webos with a htc evo hardware like.
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    time for me to clear way of this iphone that i will no longer need! makin way for the big dog!!! I pair it with my Pre. But with a device as hefty as the EVO, do i need both.. i think i can put my trust in Droid.
    "I have to return some videotapes."
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    I wish Palm would leak some info on the next Palm device so that I would not be as tempted to jump off to the EVO.

    Hard decision since I am webOS developer today...
    Check out my apps at
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    Quote Originally Posted by ClearWater View Post
    I wish Palm would leak some info on the next Palm device so that I would not be as tempted to jump off to the EVO.

    Hard decision since I am webOS developer today...
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    I'll be holding on to my hero. I have 2.1 running and very happy with it. The evo is too big and with what htc did with the 2.1 fiasco, I don't see myself getting a new android phone till froyo comes out. The evo will suffer just like the hero is. Sense is nice but htc really dropped the ball. That is one good thing about palm. They update there phones when they say their gonna. most of the time its only off by a couple of weeks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jyaden24 View Post

    what's up with thread after thread on the evo 4g? Seems like 'PRE'central is turning into 'EVO 4G'central. Seriously ppl. Go to the!

    you read all these other thread with evo 4g so post on that one instead of making a new one! DUMB!
    Nobody's forcing you to read them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kalex View Post
    EVO is going to be magical, oh wait no thats iPad. Seriously though why does everybody think that Evo is the holy grail of phones? I find it too big for my taste. I really don't need 4.3" screen. First let it come out then make your decisions. Hopefully by the time sprint decides to release Evo, Palm will have something out as well.
    and what if it's the same size as the evo? Ur going to make a bs story about always wanting a phone from palm with a big screen?
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    yea but the updates of palm are way different than htc, palm adds features thay htc stock phones have. And well android gets performance upgrades and patches. Really each upgrade for palm is good for us since it gives us some missing fearures now an EVO already has these wit bugs probably and well updates for EVO will give us more better features.

    Palm catchin up to market
    HTC enhancing current market

    palms updates (sprint)

    android updates
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Phone Diva View Post
    November a way off, BUT...

    It's better to wait for reviews anyway. Every time I turn around, early adopters get bitten by all the bugs. Everything is released in beta using customers as the testers it seems.
    I think you're one of the wisest gadget users around. I appreciate your comments.
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    how much does one pay for a new device when you upgrade on sprint after one year?
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    Good luck with your EVO, everyone has different wants/needs, me I prefer webOS and a real keyboard.

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