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  • Heck Yes! I can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy!

    286 32.06%
  • No Way! I <3 my WebOS and won't upgrade to any other OS

    222 24.89%
  • Maybe, depends on how much it will cost me out of pocket.

    80 8.97%
  • Not just yet. I'm happy with my Pre... for now...

    286 32.06%
  • What the heck is an EVO?

    18 2.02%
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    EVO is going to be magical, oh wait no thats iPad. Seriously though why does everybody think that Evo is the holy grail of phones? I find it too big for my taste. I really don't need 4.3" screen. First let it come out then make your decisions. Hopefully by the time sprint decides to release Evo, Palm will have something out as well.
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    Although the hardware specs are impressive it's still an Android. And Android strikes me as just an upgraded version of WinMo. It is a cluttered, PC type, not user friendly kind of OS. Just my opinion though.

    I'm sticking with Palm.
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    I remember in the 90s huge phones were bad nobody wanted them. Than everyone wanted the smallest phone since all it did was make phone calls and texting. Now 2010 phones does more and people want to see more. Bigger screens and faster processor but still light and tiny is what I want. The Pre is heavy compared to my blackberry bold. I already got two phones I might just sell them both and go with what's hot.
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    One of the biggest problems for HTC incredible and EVO is HTC.

    They make decent hardware (not without its problems) and SenseUI which slows down upgrades significantly. Look at Hero/Eris people are still waiting for Android 2.1 update which HTC pushed back every few month. At the same time they are rolling out new phones with Android 2.1. So once google releases 2.2 guess whats going to happen to HTC phones? Very slow update release while churning out new and improved Incredible 2/Evo squared or something
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    I wouldn't say DEAD. In the end, they are still 2 different phones.

    My logic:
    The palm pre Might be dead if it was in the same category, kinda like the iphone, but its not. some people, like me, still want a nice "pocket phone" and a hard keyboard. No matter how big the screen, or features, some still hold these features as requirements.

    I won't even get into how awesome webos is.

    I too find myself wanting the Evo. But more so for some of the features like 4g and the possibility of tethering.

    In the end, I might have to actually see it in person and compare the price. I love my phone bill right now compared to everything i can do, and love the size of the phone. upgrading to a pocket brick might be a tough choice. But I am also completely blown away but the features so who knows what will happen.
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    I swear that the next person mentioning the EVO again in the PRE forum I'll give them a virtual swift kick in the nuts.
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    Honestly, I think we're all just feeding the troll here guys. Take a look at most of the OP's other posts.
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    if the phone runs smoothly and doesn't lag. And does everything you need it to do then who cares about a os?? For me hardware specs are everything!! I need a phone to run smoothly and I need no lag and the camera not to hesitate to take a picture. If the evo wasn't coming out I'd still be getting another phone becuz it's not fun to me anymore and jus desnt get the job done anymore. I'm tired of replacing my fone and I'm tired of carrying my charger around everywhere. And there are ALOT more things wrong with the pre but I'm not goin to go into that because you guys already kno. Oh and I'm tired of "dont worry they are coming out wit the new update soon". To me "soon" means within a couple of weeks. Dealing with the pre "soon" has meant 2 to 6 months. But whatever the evo looks most apealing to me and to alot more others sooo I'm going to get it. Have a good day and I'll be back later...
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    I believe releasing updates every month or 2 has not gone well for the palm pre. Every update seems to get worse. So if the would release an update every 3 to 4 months then the updates would be so much better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sq5 View Post
    Honestly, I think we're all just feeding the troll here guys. Take a look at most of the OP's other posts.
    People actually re-read other users posts to see if there trolling??? But you can't blame the guy the Evo is many people dream phone. I just want the hardware on WebOS 2.0
  11. gbp
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    Evo hardware is great, but software is way behind webOS. I wish Palm announce a new phone with a larger screen. The major differences between the Pre and Evo are the screen size, processor and 4G connectivity. Baring these three tho other features like better camera,.... will eventually make it to Pre. Its almost one year since the Pre release, its about time for a new phone.
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    Sticking with Palm and WebOs. Dont like the whole Android UI, and NO plans for 4g where I live.

    Im good for now, and eager to see where WebOs goes with HP now involved..
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    People actually re-read other users posts to see if there trolling???
    All you do is click on their name and you get a list of their posts....pretty easy. Besides, a whole 8 one-sentence posts doesn't exactly take any time to glance at.
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    Here is a better question for the OP -

    Would you ditch your current computer for a top of the line computer with cutting edge hardware if you were only allowed to run Windows 3.1 on it?
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    Don't think EVO release has anything to do with the fate of the Pre on Sprint. The Sprint sales have BEEN mediocre for some time now, and they will only get worse with Verizon offering the Plus with free tethering hotspot at fire sale prices while Sprint sells the worst Pre for 5x what Verizon is. THAT probably is doing more to hurt Sprint Pre sales than anything else.

    As for the Evo, it's the Incredible with slightly worse battery life due to the bigger screen and better camera and video specs. There's not too much guesswork required to know what the software and speed will be like. Maybe Sprint will introduce some awesome content partnerships to take advantage of that screen (because God knows Sprint TV is just dreadful - even on their current crop of smartphones). Maybe not.

    Either way, HP/Palm shouldn't concern themselves. Sprint would switch to any "hero" device they could get as their flagship phone at this point. They don't have any deep-rooted lyoalty to Android, so an awesome outing from HP/Palm could change things like that even if they launched well after Evo and even if they launched without 4G.
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    hmm seems like most here will stick with webos,,as will I. I could never carry around a device that big,and with no keyboard.
  17. Leke's Avatar
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    I'm chunking the Pre as soon as EVO comes out. I personally like the bigger screen of the EVO. Can't deny the power and speed of the device, it's like comparing a kitty kat to a brainer for me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmackd1 View Post
    I know my Pre will get tossed in the same cabinet my treo700p is sitting in...From what i've heard the new HTC EVO 4g is going to blow everything away...
    Of course it's dead. There's programming within WebOS that looks for Evo's on the internet, and then cause the Pre to self-destruct (Pixi's aren't included, because it's a different type of buyer, of course). There's also additional programming that looks to see what device is currently going to "blow everything away", because we all have the same wants and needs.

    Yep, sure it's dead.
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    The good thing is, even if you switch to an Evo, you can always buy a Sprint Pre for super cheap on the secondhand market. Why limit yourself?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ajmoncrief View Post
    I just replaced my fourth Pre yesterday, and I am counting down the time until my upgrade day. The Pre is still my overall favorite experience on a phone, and WebOS is by far my favorite OS. I will look hard into getting the tablet whenever it comes out, but because Palm (HP) is looking into the mid/long term future with their devices, and because I keep having my stupid power button getting stuck on my current one (among other less than expectable issues) I personally will be jumping ship to the Evo. Although I will only be faithful to it until the new WebOS gets its new device and then I'll be coming back!
    Just curious, why do you ever turn your phone off? Or is the issue that you can't wake your phone up with the power button (that is, you have to use the slider to wake it up).

    Just curious what activity wears out the power button. Thanks!

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