View Poll Results: Are you upgrading to EVO when you are eligible?

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  • Heck Yes! I can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy!

    286 32.06%
  • No Way! I <3 my WebOS and won't upgrade to any other OS

    222 24.89%
  • Maybe, depends on how much it will cost me out of pocket.

    80 8.97%
  • Not just yet. I'm happy with my Pre... for now...

    286 32.06%
  • What the heck is an EVO?

    18 2.02%
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    Hopefully Palm will announce a better phone before then. Otherwise....who knows.
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    I am glad the Evo came out, not because I'm going to get it, but because it will force Palm to compete. Anyone smell a 3.7in screen, 5mp camera, pixi-like clicky keyboard, with 4g for the C40?
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    If web os can't take off like it should, we live in a world of uncertanties...I'll buy an evo when I know for a fact that Palm is done and my pre is on it's last legs with no hope of updating or long as there's a chance of palm responding wirh a faster sequel to the pre I will hold out for it...
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    @dustin_thewind - It is regular forum decorum to do a quick search before posting new threads. Especially in this case because there is at least 20 similar topics across the P|C form.

    The below results are from a quick search for "EVO."
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    Evo isn't an upgrade for me, I don't live in a 4g area. I don't see a reason to go to a worse UI.
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    As most of have heard that Apple has officially announced iphone for VZ coming out the battle between iphone and andriod heats up
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    I agree, I am so happy with the Palm Pre. I have been interested in it ever since it was announced. Unfortunately, it took me almost a year to get my husband to switch to Sprint... as we got caught up in the Alltel/Verizon Merger... fun but now thankfully over. Anyway, webOS x.x is worth sticking with the Pre, not to mention it's a beautiful phone and I would be lost without the physical keyboard... though the native virtual one is nice so I don't have to wear out my slider just to say"call you in a min" or "yes". I hope that physical keyboards aren't going to become a thing of the past, that was one of the reasons I had to have this phone. When I first brought the phone home, I have to admit, I was a bit anxious to find no inch thick instruction guide... but the Pre is so well thought out, it doesn't really need one. Also, after owning a blackberry and being a member of, I know there are people out there willing to help but not quite up to the standard of the two men who have created the WBOSQI and the repair utility (only to mention a few) which are absolutely incredible. They are amazing, I would love overclock my phone but I want to wait for a bit longer to see how it goes. Anyway, just wanted to say I agree the EVO is very nice and interesting looking but there is little difference between it and the Pre Plus... except for the 1ghz snapdragon processor... which I would love but not enough to switch... The Pre without any overclocking or a snapdragon processor is the quickest, most attractive and smart phone I have ever owned. (couldn't resist the play on words, sorry I know it's geeky) It's just I have been a smartphone addict for the last 4 or 5 years and never been so happy right off the bat.... and even if over time I find things that I think would be better or should not be on the phone, I believe I will find the help and knowledge on this forum. I have never been much of a poster, but this community is amazing and possibly just as addicted to their devices as I have been in the past. I have owned the HTC Touch, the Pro, the Diamond, then a Pearl 8130, a Curve 8330 and now finally a Palm Pre. I have always found a way to switch when another model came out but even though I would love a Pre Plus, there is nothing that could get me to drop Sprint and go back to Verizon.... Nothing. Sorry for my rambling, just love this site. Thanks.... Also has anyone heard of the Divx Web Player for the Palm Pre???
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkzone View Post
    As most of have heard that Apple has officially announced iphone for VZ coming out the battle between iphone and andriod heats up
    yeah, that hasn't happened.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkzone View Post
    As most of have heard that Apple has officially announced iphone for VZ coming out the battle between iphone and andriod heats up
    Actually, Apple has announced nothing. There's a WSJ article with rumors of a VZW launch sometime near the end of summer, and probably a new ATT version in June. There's no official announcement, nor do I expect there to be until two or three weeks before launch. Apple never announces something that early, and there would be news on both Apple and Verizon sites if they did, for some reason. A few of the major tech sites have latched onto that WSJ report, is all.

    "The model that has CDMA capability, used by Verizon Wireless, is being manufactured by Pegatron Technology Corp., the contract manufacturing subsidiary of Taiwan's ASUSTeK Computer Inc., said these people.

    One person familiar with the situation said Pegatron is scheduled to start mass producing the CDMA iPhones in September, but it was unclear when Apple might make the model available."

    Direct quote from the article released yesterday. No announcement from Apple, and not even an idea when it will be available.
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    please go and get you an ANDROIND...I mean EVO....U obviously know nothing about smartphones...enjoy your horroble user experience...and quit posting these weak azz EVO threads in our PALM PRE forums...go post ur EVO dreams in an apple forum or pre at 800MHz will destroy ur weak azz android! So again enjoy
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    Hell no.
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    Again...who here slamming the Evo has used Android 2.1? Show of hands?
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    WebOS 4 Life
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    I have to play with it....if it's not too big of a device, I may give it a shot. I'm not unhappy with WebOS at all, but I'm a compulsive phone switcher.
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    Maybe. But my hopes are that the CDMA iPhone also makes it to Sprint. With android getting so much momentum Apple may have to go to all carriers.

    I care more about quality apps than a flashy OS. (But then iPhone 4 may bring both)
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    Using Phone Arena's phone size comparison tool, you can visually compare phones with each other.

    The Evo's pretty, but damn that's big.
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    Yep. I love the size and form factor of the Pre. By far the most pocket-friendly smart phone I've seen. And that's one of the major reasons I wouldn't trade it for anything else available today.

    Having said that, I'm certainly intrigued by the idea of having a screen the size of the EVO (or HD2). To me there's a break point where you just give up on carrying the device in your pocket, but the advantage of a big screen makes up for that. Then the next question becomes ... how big of a device do you really want to haul around all the time? I suspect that's somewhere between an EVO and an iPad But without actually trying it, it's hard to say.
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    Isn't it the about the same size as an iphone?
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    No. iphone has a 3.5 inch screen while the Evo is 4.3. Waaay bigger.
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    If that's all the rage, I'll have nothing to do with it. That evo is giant and the pre is as big as a pocket smartphone can be, any bigger is pushing pocketable.

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