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  • Heck Yes! I can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy!

    286 32.06%
  • No Way! I <3 my WebOS and won't upgrade to any other OS

    222 24.89%
  • Maybe, depends on how much it will cost me out of pocket.

    80 8.97%
  • Not just yet. I'm happy with my Pre... for now...

    286 32.06%
  • What the heck is an EVO?

    18 2.02%
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    I can't decide if I want one of these:

    or one of these:

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    Listen!! I love the pre and webOS..but to be honest evo is on another level and that is all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ib0617 View Post
    Listen!! I love the pre and webOS..but to be honest evo is on another level and that is all.
    i agree with u hardware wise, just not software

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    Quote Originally Posted by drizek View Post
    So do you guys have to pay an extra $10 on your plan to get the Evo? that is the thing keeping me away. It just isn't worth paying an extra $500 over two years to get the Evo vs sticking with the Pre.

    I think your calculations are flawed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BBrown80 View Post
    Almost did the same thing today when my day 1 pre started to act up and is now going to be replaced. My wife and I got to play with the evo and after talking to a salesman at sprint I'm sticking with the pre. Now if the evo had webos on it I would have one now. BTW another salesman at the same store tried to tell us that Webos was "too weird" until we showed him how well it multitasks etc. He finally admitted he had an Iphone.
    That ending is so sad that I LOL'ed for the first time in a month.
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    im on appbrain right now picking which apps i want to be automatically synced to my EVO when i get it....wheeeeeee!
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    Quote Originally Posted by fugm View Post
    I think your calculations are flawed.
    $200 for the new phone, 24 x $10 extra for the plan. Add taxes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    I have decided that I will be returning the EVO and saving my upgrade for something better. I need a phone with a keyboard. Android is not bad and there are many things that I like. I like the friend stream and the ability to customize the home screen but I find it much faster to do the things I want with the Pre. For instance if I receive an email or text on the Pre I could see who it's from without opening anything. On the EVO it notifies you that there is a new email but you have to open the app to see from who. WebOS has the best notification system hands down. I cannot control the music if I am not at the music app screen unlike the Pre. Minor stuff but the major con is the onscreen keypad. I can type much faster on the Pre without sacrificing screen real estate. I was trying to use IRC on the EVO and compared to the Pre it really sucked.I do a lot of chatting and like being able able to begin typing and fine anything I need quickly. Webos is a lot slower at opening apps but switching them is a lot faster by just swiping the gesture area.

    Games also seem to run really laggy on the phone but run smooth on Webos. I downloaded ashphalt 5 to try it out. It also does not have Cardace and I love that game

    The big stuff like HDMI and the 8pm camera aren't that important to me.

    I would like the next webos phone or maybe even another Android phone to have a keypad and then I would jump on it.

    The Palm email client is also much better.
    You need to learn and get used to how words are auto-corrected for you.. unlike on WebOS. You can type much faster once you get the concept of it down; it's pretty amazing how smart the auto-complete actually is and makes "mistakes" not an issue.

    Also, you can control music without being in the actual music app by throwing the music widget somewhere on one of your home screens. You can also hit the search button on the Evo from the home screen and start typing which will search everything on your phone (apps, email, within applications, etc.) and also return results from Google based on your search.
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    still flawed because if you're bringing bjying hardware into the equation you should bring selling your old hardware into the equation. So, flawed.
    Quote Originally Posted by drizek View Post
    $200 for the new phone, 24 x $10 extra for the plan. Add taxes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drizek View Post
    $200 for the new phone, 24 x $10 extra for the plan. Add taxes.

    Yeah, it's still flawed somewhat. If ,and I doubt this will happen soon, HPalm came out with a new Pre you'd be paying for it as well.

    You have to separate the cost of the 4G.

    I can appreciate if people simply don't like the Evo but if you're staying away from the Evo simply because of the $10 you should probably rethink your financial strategies and rethink the pricier phone/data/SMS plans and go with a smaller MVNO with a PP calling plan.

    $500 over 2 years is a minor cost.
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    my son picked up the EVO on launch day and I was curious to test the speed of this beast. I didn't get to handle it until late that evening and we did a little test of how quickly it loaded web pages vs. my lowly Pixi. Well I was shocked. It didn't load p|c any faster than my phone and I actually loaded the mobile ESPN site faster. It is a nice piece of hardware, but I guess hardware specs aren't everything. Oh and it's huge. He is about 50:50 on whether he'll keep it because the size. BTW we have spotty 4g coverage at home so this minor testing was 3g only. Still, I expected it to smoke my Pixi and it did not. I'm not saying the EVO isn't nice, just that maybe software makes as much difference as hardware for some things. Now if this thing was running webOS...
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    $500 over 2 years = 1 starbucks per week...
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    First, I gave my mom's Eulogy last week and although not nearly to the same depth of emotion, I feel the purchase I made Friday is a loss too. I have had palm's from the early days, I waited with my treo for the next generation and I love webos, and yet I can't stand the pre. The evo may cost me more and may take me time to learn, but, I am hoping not to spend hours changing out phones every few months. My current pre is I think my 6th or 7th. The last straw was after the 1.4 update I lost wifi (well it worked w/in 2 ft of router) I waited for and nothing better. Not wanting to take time to again replace my pre, I lived w/o wifi and crappy bluetooth. On the way home to be with mom, my phone stopped working in all modes but speaker phone. The hands free created an amazing screech. My refurbed phone worked perfectly for an entire 4 hours. Try dealing with the death of a family member and your phone takes a dump. I almost feel bad that they gave me a new phone, knowing that I was getting an EVO in 7 days, but I needed a phone and that is all they had.

    I will miss webos and the keyboard, I hope to really like the droid os, but after 15 + years w/palm, I am sorry, but I have to go!

    I can't believe that the pre was such a great idea that didn't have the hardware to support it! And why did the software seem to degrade over time? I had two phones that stopped backing up daily and strange things. I am going to keep my pre. If HP can get it right, I could be back, but as a user that is on the phone all day, I need something that will work regularly!
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    Quote Originally Posted by crogs571 View Post
    This is the appropriate thread for people dropping webOS for the Evo. Not a poll. Not a debate. Just tell us why you're leaving for the Evo or why you already left and what you like about your Evo.

    (mods, maybe this thread should be the stickied one in all fairness to the Evo Shmevo thread since the poll is just that)

    My Evo arrives on my doorstep on Tuesday. My main reasons outside of the Evo specific features (gargantuan screen, HDMI and such...) for jumping back to android are as follows and not in any particular order of importance:

    1. Google Voice. I use it extensively, and I haven't been able to check it from my phone for a few weeks now. Android's native app is pretty seamless. YouView isn't a viable alternative as I have to pay for the features I get on GV for free, plus I'd have to forward yet another number, and it's just too much hassled. Two voicemail accounts through two providers? Sorry, no.

    2. native visual voicemail. not everyone in my company wants to deal with GV and just wants regular visual voicemail. kind of lame webOS doesn't have it and doesn't have a native GV app in lieu of this ineptness.

    3. Docs To Go- editing. Self explanatory.

    4. less buggy OS. Even after doctoring I still get odd freezes, screen unresponsiveness or hyper responsiveness. I still get cards that don't flip up and away, emails and messages that hang as I swipe them away. Emails that take forever to open in a great signal area. I just see the subject and who it's from for a bit before it decides to open. And if I go to move to folder to quick, the folder screen is solid white.

    5. No agenda view on the homescreen. The agenda app is not an alternative. It's not always there on my homescreen, and after I have to open the app, I have to scroll to see th info I want. There's just no general list view. I want my upcoming appointments at a glance.

    6. I want widgets. I want instant access/viewing to things I want to see most often without having to open an app. C'mon Palm. Put the wallpaper to use already and bring some widget like functionality to it already.

    Think there's one or two others I've posted elsewhere, but I forget off the top of my head. Doesn't mean I won't miss the more polished OS, cards and patches, but there's functionality I expect, and I just don't have it at the moment on webOS.
    A lot of your concerns are the same reasons why I switched. My work phone is a Droid Eris. After using it, I forgot how important a home screen, widgets, and GV are to me. I was contemplating if I should upgrade my Pre to the Evo, since I already had a Google phone and I'm glad I did. I really had a love/ hate relationship with the Pre. The Homebrew community helped ease some of the hate. However, I spent more times saying "I wish the Pre could do this." Plus Google just hired the UI Creator for WebOS. Something will be in the pipeline to put the naysayers to rest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vindication84 View Post
    Sprint talk/text/3g = $90
    Cricket talk/text/3g = $50

    nuff said. lol
    Everyone I know that has Cricket hates it and has switched to Boost (Sprint).
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    Quote Originally Posted by crawdaddct View Post
    I pay 33 dollars on Sprint! Unlimited everything. While you may not get all my discounts call sprint and ask for a discounted college rate. They want to keep customers.
    Wow, seriously?? That's great! I hope I can convince them to at least match the Cricket rate. If so, I'll definitely stay. I love Sprint, and I want support for my new EVO in case something goes wrong. Thank you!
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    is it a pre killer?? can this htc do multitasking?? if it does then its up for grabs....
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    Quote Originally Posted by caterpillar View Post
    is it a pre killer?? can this htc do multitasking?? if it does then its up for grabs....
    Yes, android can do multi-tasking. Some say not as well as WebOS. It works fine for me, all how you use your phone I suppose. It was a pre killer in the aspect that it replaced my Pre.
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    I have had my Pre since day one, traded it once a month ago because I wore the button out. I have never been happier with a phone, the OS and the overall size are perfect in my opinon, but something is going have to happen if Palm wants to stay in this market.

    Palm has to do something FAST! They are going to get left behind again. What good is WebOS going to be if you don't have hardware for it?! Look at all the phones for Android, and it's been out how long?

    Bottom line: I LOVE my Pre and the WebOS even more, but we need more apps and new hardware to stay alive.

    If someone comes out with a droid phone that was smaller then all these Iphone look alikes I would be hard pressed to stay with Pre.

    Precentral and the Developers are the ONLY thing that has made this year with Pre better then I expected. All there hard work is greatly appreciated.

    I truly hope we get a new platform for this OS, but with HP CEO announcing he doesn't want to get into the smartphone market doesn't look good for us.

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