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  • Heck Yes! I can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy!

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  • Maybe, depends on how much it will cost me out of pocket.

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  • Not just yet. I'm happy with my Pre... for now...

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  • What the heck is an EVO?

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    yep. They'd do much better treating all things equal. I'm never giving up emails I've had for ages. And you still can't fully sync calendar, contacts and tasks via exchange. You still need a 3rd party whether Sense adds it or you use Moxier or Touchdown. I don't think many were happy with AT&T's treatment of Android. I read about it and just knew people would not embrace it.

    I know some love the white on black. I just never liked it, and I can't believe I get forced to third parties to correct it. For me there's just something crisp about black on white.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Phone Diva View Post
    It's the Google lock in, the one true drawback of Android. Not that Google's bad exactly(sometimes you wonder though when reports come out), but take a good look at Android and you know it's Google's OS and they make sure you remember that. But people want it that way, it seems. AT&T was able to remove Google for Yahoo search on the Backflip, people got very upset over that.

    BTW, I LOVE the white on black text. Very refreshing change and looks more modern to me. But they should have an option to change back to the usual black on white, IMO.
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    Hold-On! Wait!

    Diva, You have a Droid on ATT?
    Just call me Berd.
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    It's the same on any OS though. No approval process is fool proof. And I'm sure someone can figure out an issue or get pointed in the right direction if they're using an app and seeing a problem as opposed to not seeing the issue when you're not using the app. That is the place for task killer apps that will tell you what apps are draining your battery. Heck, with the Hero, it was a flaw in the built in SMS app that would drain the battery the minute you sent a text.

    And the poor user will have an idea when an update is present. He'll see there's an update, go to the app page, see the release notes for the update and download. So the poor user will benefit from ones that know, hopefully.
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    Yeah, different OS's, different community feeling. Homebrew has it's community feeling, and Android has it's community feeling. Good for different reasons, but the Android one does bring back some of the Palm nostalgia. It's just a shame vanilla android's look is about as polished as PalmOS. When people say klunky, part of it stems from the graphic side. The sharpness of edges from the icons to widgets. Text doesn't seem as crisp or smooth. It's one thing Sense cleans up believe it or not. I'm just surprised Android doesn't do that level of "finishing" on the OS. Spit and polish goes a long way towards user satisfaction.

    One other thing that I never used while I had my Moment or Hero was voice activation. My buddy has a droid and he's gotten into using it quite a bit from phone calls to nav. Seeing him use it for nav and searches was pretty slick. So that's another plus in the Android court.

    And can we throw in free navigation if you're not on Sprint with Google Nav? Granted this is Evo oriented and SprintNav is free, but in the Android vs webOS war, Google Nav is a good feature to toss in the pro column. Edited my post above to reflect this.
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    is there anybody with an Evo that can tell me if they have this issue or is it just me?

    on my Pre if i played a video and exited the media player then opened the video back up it resumed where i left off. on this Evo if i do that the video will always play from the beginning.
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    Did you miss her current smartphones? She's a junky. It's an illness. Outside of nostalgia with my Kyo 6035 and Samsung i500, I still have my Treo Pro, Centro, Pre, Pixi, Evo on Tuesday, and possibly an 8830 that I'll most likely throw on ebay asap. We're all sick sick sick. Forgot the Alias2, though that's not really a smartphone. Just digging the e-ink keyboard. Now if you put a big bezeless capacitive screen on one of those with webOS, I'd get it in a heartbeat. Perfect weekend phone.
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    Hard to really consider the BackFlip to be a Droid...
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    I thought it resumed on my Moment. Also, there are other video players in the market that will support more codecs and have different feature sets.

    Also, check out DoubleTwist for music, and if you're into streaming from home, check out HomePipe. Both are free, at least for now. Looking to put them on when i get mine on Tuesday.
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    brings neutering to all new levels.
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    I am laughing at some of these Hotspot remarks..Unless u have verizon, hotspot is not exactly free on the Pre. yes you can root and get it, but lol you will be able to do the same on a this whole 30$ thing is crazy.

    I like my pre..I like Web-OS when it does not freak on me...But the hardware and app support is falling behind. Where is my BOA app ? Where is my DVR app ? Lots of cool stuff hitting the other two first..and pre is like an afterthought. Did I mention I hate our small screen....
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    The backflip does not interest me in the least bit.
    The form factor just seems to thick.

    Honestly, early on I was very tempted by Android, it just seemed too clunky for me though. They have came a long way, and some of the droids on sprint look really nice.

    I'm still plugging along with my reliable Treo Pro.
    Still can't take the plunge to WebOS no matter how slick it looks.

    Tomorrow I'm due for an Upgrade - I just can't make up my mind.
    If I wasn't on a huge family plan, I might even move to Sprint.
    Just call me Berd.
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    I'm a huge WebOS fan, but got my Evo's big, I think I'd prefer it slightly smaller-maybe halfway between the Pre and the Evo would be perfect. The EVO feels better made, though I didn't complain very much about the build of my Pre. The Apps on the EVO are far more plentiful and the appstore generally is easier to use. I miss Preware and What's for Dinner the most (strange combo, I know). I also miss the way the Pre handles multitasking and the notifications system. Androids notifications are ok, but can't hold a candle to the Pre. Android multitasks pretty well, but the card interface has no equal, imo. On the other hand, with Android (could be a Sense feature, I'm not sure), you can make your homepages function a lot like the card system, with the added benefit of a home screen.

    I don't miss the buginess/sluggishness of the Pre, however. Android, at least on the EvO, though not as pretty or immediately easy to use as the Pre, is so much less laggy than my Pre ever was, even with either UK or SK installed. Obviously the overclock patches made the Pre's speed more bearable, but I still saw random sluggishness when scrolling in certain webpages, in the phone app, the calendar app, and various other apps. Everything in the EVO happens as it feels it should. The Pre, sadly, felt a lot like my netbook does, good enough most of the time, but also very annoying at surprising times. Opening an e-mail or making a phone call, for example, sometimes made me want to throw my Pre at the wall.

    The EVO has some awesome apps available right now. I video-conferenced with my wife today, for example. She on the computer, me on the EVO. The mail applications are much quicker than the email on the Pre, though the Pre's e-mail app is better looking (missing the pre font already.

    All in all, I love WebOS, but I also love the EVO so far. If WebOS had the specs and the dev support of Android, it would be the best phone out there, bar none. Also, Androidcentral is cool, but I'm still partial to Precentral, tbh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crogs571 View Post
    ....Still a major disappointment with webOS and for anyone that is used to using their phone for actual business.
    I use mine for business every day. I was thinking about this for the past week... I had Treos (650 & 680) for a few years and had Docs2Go on them for full Office editing. You know how many time I actually edited Office docs (Word & Excel)? Twice. Seriously. All my editing was done on my work computer and the docs I kept on my phone were there to reference in the field. Now I keep my docs in Google Doc on-line and can edit spreadsheets there too (I've no need to edit .doc files). Yes, there is a need in this area that hopefully will be filled soon, but as far as a business phone... I love it.
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    The PRE definetly can be used for business. i used it.

    The EVO was a comeplete sell out for sprint. Serioulsy good news for all of us on Sprint. ANything that makes Sprint moneyis good for all of us no matter what handheld u use. Good for sprint. AFter trying to make the Instinct and Pre there flashgship phone they finally have a phone that is doing good. Sales I read are Iphone like, we might have finally seen a competitor for the Iphone. My best buy sold out this shipment , next weeks and the 3rd shipments that they did not know when they were getting. My activation last night took 2 hrs. Got there at 6 and left at 8. I went to Sprint store after to look at cases ( there in the same shopping center) and they sold out in 1 hour and have a waiting list of over 100 for the next 2 shipments. Ofcourse you have to see in 30 days how many people return the device. thats the most important and telling figure. The phone is only a success IF people keep it. I rememeber the Instinct had decent day 1 sales BUT the returns were huge. Only in 30 days returns are low can the EVO be called a success . I will add that while the pre sales were low the return rate ( Not counting hardware swaps for broken units) were low so that was a plus for the PRE. ( I base this on a sprint employe at the time telling me they were not getting returns for the PRE , I have no real data )

    Sprintís activation system buckles under weight HTC EVO 4G rush

    With Sprint (NYSE: S) launching their HTC EVO 4G today, we expected to see a rush of Android fans vying to put an EVO in their pockets, but it seems even Sprint was surprised by the onslaught of customers. Weíre getting reports that Sprintís mobile phone activation system took a nose dive as the carrier struggled to activate all the EVO 4G handsets going out the door.

    If this sounds a bit familiar, itís because we saw AT&T (NYSE: T)ís activation system going through the same growing pains when it launched the original iPhone back in 2007. AT&T has since learned how to cope with launch day rushes and it seems Sprintís first encounter with a blockbuster launch has proven to be a learning experience.

    Whatís going on here? Well, the Sprint HTC EVO 4G is hands down the hottest Android phone of 2010. The EVOís 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen, 8-megapixel camera (with dual-LED flash and 720p HD video recording), 4G data connection, WiFi, GPS and Android 2.1 OS make the smartphone almost irresistible to gadget geeks like us. So irresistible, in fact, that sheer volume of customers lining up to activate an EVO of their own has proven too much for Sprintís computer system to handle.

    Some reports even have Sprintís entire system coming to a grinding halt, as the carrier straight up sold out of EVO handsets. Itís so bad that store employees are apparently writing receipts by hand.
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    First, I love the WebOS, Its extremely easier to use then Android 2.1. Hardware wise I could survivor with Palm Pre.....Palm Pre has NO apps, nothing new in software for a year now. I bought the EVO in one day I now have (Docs To Go; RDP, PDANet) these are important to me and Android has them, Palm Pre doesnt and doesnt seem to be getting them, Android will be getting Flash (yes for my p-o-r-n, lol) and SlingPlayer is coming sooner then later....

    Again IF Palm Pre had these , I would of kept my Pre....

    WEBOS as an OS is awesome, Android just has better apps

    Thank you
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    Pre form factor is the best and WEBOS is the best OS....EVO is just a better built phone and Android has many more users making the app market much bigger.
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    I played with an EVO 4G yesterday for a few minutes. Great phone with an excellent camera, but I honestly thought the UI would be perfectly smooth at 1GHz, but I did notice a slight bit of choppiness.
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    the palm pre is nice but its old and it seems to me that their still playin chatch up (new web os update to give acess to mic and vid acess? Smh that's it? ) web os is now where it should have been at a year ago and I just don't see palm releasing anything like the evo ( and have hardware that won't fail x amount of times but of course I hope that I'm wrong) I didn't want the evo but after doin my research on it, I'm seriously thinkin about. (in my opinion)
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    I just received my Evo in the mail. I would like to say people complaining about how it's too large and probably won't fit into a pocket are greatly exaggerating. The phone is fine in my pockets. Unless you're wearing skinny jeans, there's no problem.
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    Well I am another one that jumped to the EVO 4G, and although I was disappointed in the thought of leaving Palm again - I was excited to get my hands on my 4G.

    So after 24 hours with the 4G, overall I give it a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. Hardware wise - a 10+! This thing is CRAZY fast and way smoother than an iPhone. I can honestly say its almost too smooth. Regarding the battery life funny thing is, if you're coming over from a Pre, the battery life won't bother you at all - they are fairly similar but the Pre does have a bit better life which doesn't surprise me considering what's under the hood of the EVO. The camera is nice, especially having a zoom feature and the video camera works well too. I personally never had one problem with build quality on my Pre's (we had four of them) and I bought them on the day they released with Sprint - so I don't really see much of a difference here.

    So software is where the difference is. And the ONLY reason so far I am liking the phone is for the Apps. Kind of amazing to me how important apps have become for an average user like me. With something like 30k there is plenty to choose from. I REALLY hope HP stays with smartphones so REAL developers will start getting apps for WebOS. Unlike some other's I prefer the Pre's app store. Maybe its because I had a simple routine of checking it every night to see the new apps AND the fact there are around 2500 of them for WebOS vs. 30k for Android.

    I'll admit I was starting to get bored with my Pre with no significant updates (2.0) recently. BUT unless I find the app that solves all my problems for the EVO - I think this may end up being a 30 day experiment. It is very easy to forget how well WebOS operates and how the Palm developers really looked at every aspect of the software integrating with each other. WebOS can not be touched for its integration and ease of use and after using my EVO, I would place Android above the iPhones OS but WAY WAY WAY behind WebOS!!!!
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