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  • Heck Yes! I can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy!

    286 32.06%
  • No Way! I <3 my WebOS and won't upgrade to any other OS

    222 24.89%
  • Maybe, depends on how much it will cost me out of pocket.

    80 8.97%
  • Not just yet. I'm happy with my Pre... for now...

    286 32.06%
  • What the heck is an EVO?

    18 2.02%
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    Quote Originally Posted by VaccPalm View Post
    I thought ( From the new comerical with Sprint CEO) that it was 100% money back and no restock fee. Guess I assumed incorrectly. sorry folks.
    I thought that was the deal too. Guess it is time to ask some BB and sprint store employees.

    Btw, here is the link to the new commercial. It seems like the media blitz is coming from Sprint. I think the Evo will do just fine.

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    First time I saw it I decided I needed an EVO. I still think WebOS is the best OS out there, and I'm not sure how I'll do with the soft keyboard, but I can't resist that screen and processor.

    I'll keep my Pre as a backup, and will be lurking here. I'll make my way back when HPalm produces that sexy WebOS device I know is coming.
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    I thought ( From the new comerical with Sprint CEO) that it was 100% money back and no restock fee. Guess I assumed incorrectly. sorry folks.
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    ANDROIDCENTRAL.NET is where you post ANDROID stuff!!!

    Well fyi they allow Palm threads on their site and no one there *****es, in fact they just had a thread welcoming all the Palm Pre refugees that are defecting.

    I myself is in the middle until Friday when I get my Evo then I will only be an observer of this site.

    They already have the Hp CEO thread on their forum already.

    I have a feeling with Hp CEO mistake there will be a lot more members crossing over to the Android side.
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    been a pre owner since day 1 but Friday is almost upon us and the Evo will be all over the place by 6:01am lol ... It's been fun and knowledgeable here on PC but it's time for a change, plus the pre is starting to stop working alittle each day guess it knows it's fate
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    Everyone reading the specs on the EVO and getting ready to jump ship and get one. Is this just because you think you need to have the latest and greatest? What is the reasoning here to be in such a hurry just because you are eligible for an upgrade. I am really curious as to why everyone seems to be in such a hurry to drop the pre.
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    Many are due for upgrades
    Bigger/Better selection of Apps
    Better Hardware Specs
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    It's because the have AD... hey squirrel!
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    A few reasons for me.

    1. I love gadgets. I get a new phone every year. Why? Because I can, and because it's part of my hobby (electronics and gadgets).
    2. I'm getting an Evo for free. My mother-in-law wanted a Pre, so my wife worked out a deal where she will get my Pre and she will buy me an Evo. I can't beat that!
    3. WebOS as a long-term proposition for smartphones is dead. HP said it themselves.
    4. I've been envious of Android's faster-growing ecosystem and app community.

    The WebOS community is GREAT and I've LOVED it here. I read forums here at precentral daily (often more than a few times a day) and have done so since before the Pre even came out. I have owned a Pre since the day after they were available (I was on a waiting list and was fortunate to have to wait only a day). The Pre has been my favorite phone, the best I've ever owned, but I'm getting older and want the bigger screen and the new experience.

    I don't hate the Pre. I don't even dislike it a little. But I gotta keep movin' on. I guess I'm just a rolling stone when it comes to gadgets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edge767 View Post
    3. WebOS as a long-term proposition for smartphones is dead. HP said it themselves.
    I guess you didn't read the latest story on the front page of this site.
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    Better apps.
    Better hardware.
    An OS that seems more mature to me.

    I have been with Palm for years, in fact I only owned palm smartphones since I have had one. The Pre was a new hope, and I liked it enough but everything seems to be slowing down now. I am afraid the game will be too tough for Palm. WebOs is the best OS but that isn't enough for me. I rely on my phone for work and many things are not working right on the Pre. Of course, we can use homebrew and the community, and this is by far the best community I have seen but I can't be constantly patching my phone for things it should do.

    I am not sure yet if I'll switch to the EVO, but I am really thinking about it since it is on Sprint and I want to stay on Sprint. I will see how things develop this month.

    Dam, I wish the Pre had been what I had hoped.
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    I'm getting an Evo tomorrow (already got my pre-order in) but we will still have two Pres and a Pixi in the family (and the family LOVES them). I'll still be here, and still watching and hoping something compelling comes out of Palm/HP. I've been a Palm fan since Palm was formed (and even before, back when they were still a part of USR) and was really hoping to be a part of their comeback. I guess it wasn't to be now that they are being gobbled up by HP much like the company I used to work for was (Compaq).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    I guess you didn't read the latest story on the front page of this site.
    His comment assumes WebOS UI will be ported over to Android and thanks to Palm for the patents.
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    OK since the bomb got dropped on us yesterday ( I am now considering andriod for the first time; I was willing to wait until the end of the year for Palm/HP to announce a new phone, but if that is going to be a pipe dream, I guess I need to look to the future. My only decision now seems to be do I switch over to the EVO now, or do I run my Pre in to the ground and make the painful transition away from WebOS when my Pre finally breaks or is no longer available. The two biggest things that would keep me from Android are missing the UI of WebOS, and I can probably get used to a new UI, and the level of customization WebOS offers through patches/hacks. Does anyone know what/if Android has in terms of patches and hacks? Will I be allowed anywhere close to the level of customization I have now?

    PS don't hate, I have been a loyal Pre user since launch nearly a year ago, but if I have a betamax on my hands, I need to plan ahead.

    Any help/advise would be much appreciated!!!!
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    I will not leave the Pre. First of all, I have one year left until I get the 2 year upgrade deduction, and that will go towards the next WebOS device. Also, I can't imagine going to a different smart phone that doesn't have wireless charging. I have two Touchstones, and the one in my car is so invaluable.

    As far as the EVO, I have read it has horrible battery life issues. It's too big as well. HDMI out is nice, but like I said, the next WebOS device should have some excellent features that compare to the EVO.
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    I would say that as long as your pre works, there's no need to jump ship right now. It seems that everyone's afraid of Palms demise, as far as smartphones go, but they have a great phone now. If the phone is working and does what you need it to do, that's not going to change. Just wait it out and enjoy your phone while you can. If there is a new one out in the near future, great. If not, well, you got to enjoy WebOS for a while longer....
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    I still think there is another webos phone in the pipeline. Maybe I am being overly optimistic. I hope not but I am going to stick it out for the time being. For me the problem with android and EVO is the whole sense UI aspect. I have never seen placing one graphical interface on top of another as a positive thing. Everyone talks about how mature and further along android is but yet companies are still trying to make an interface that makes it more user friendly. Everyone has their reasons and I am not here to try and change any minds I was just curious. If no new WEBOS phone comes out before my pre bites the dust I will have to decide what to do. I have no idea what that will be.
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    While I feel the EVO is exttremely large and the battery life would suck and it isn't webOS, HP's CEO Turds comments have me thinking about jumping ship. I need to hear from Ruby and info about a C40 soon. That guy is such an

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