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    Hi all,

    Battery drainage in a smart phone can often be reduced. Changing certain setting can make your battery last thru the day.

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    Do you take steps to optimize your Android battery life?
    By Matthew Miller | August 7, 2010, 11:12pm PDT

    Do you take steps to optimize your Android battery life? | ZDNet

    As you know, I carry a LOT of phones around every day and thus have become accustomed to charging my devices every night, for the most part. I also carry a charged battery for my primary devices (Nokia N900, HTC EVO 4G, and Google Nexus One) just in case I have some heavy needs (like a camera session, podcast downloads, or streaming video period) and am not close to a charger or portable power pack. Google Android devices have a LOT of things running and connecting that you may not even know much about, but I just read an excellent article over on Just Another Mobile Monday that will help you wade through all of the happenings on your Android device to gain some battery life.

    After reading the article, I went to my HTC EVO 4G to check on display brightness and saw that it was on auto-brightness. I went ahead and selected a level at about 25% because that is more than adequate for 90% of the time I use it. However, I break most of these guidelines because I figure I have devices with 3G (4G too), GPS, great cameras, and more so I am going to use them to their fullest and just charge up regularly or carry extra batteries.

    Do you take action to manage your battery life or do you just go for it and charge up regularly?
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    come on all you android owners,,o wait,this is precentral,,my bad.
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    please move this thread to
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    please move this thread to
    Androids don't qualify as "other handhelds" in Workerbville?
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    first, I was being sarcastic, so you must need to install the sarcasm font on your system.

    but, the post specifically is asking what 'we' do to save battery on 'our' androids. I'd bet the ratio of android users here is pretty low here, and pretty high there. So you can't really be expecting that question to get lots of informed answers from android owners that are mostly over 'there'.

    if that's the case, then this is just an attempt to be provocative and incite argument, IMHO.

    but post away, once you have your sarcasm font installed


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