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    A vote for Zune HD here.

    Cheaper, much more fluid interface, better music quality, great software, good build quality, etc. make it a really good upgrade for the money, even if the battery replacement kit is an option I'd say.

    Also, two of my favourite features I LOVE about my Zune:

    1. You can set any other computer as a guest sync computer. I find this really handy when I'm back home at my parents (I live in London, them in Scotland) to be able to download torrents of TV shows and guest sync them to my Zune to watch on the plane ride home.
    2. Being able to play .avi files. Combined with the guest syncing, it makes putting movies, tv shows, and so on on to the Zune extremely quick and easy. With an iPod Touch, you could only get it on the device from your one home sync computer, and that's after having to convert it to mp4 or something. Typical Apple - clunky, inconvenient and not actually user friendly (despite common opinion).

    Having said all of that, the Zune's browser's a mess and there are very, very few apps. Those which are there aren't too great to use. I don't use any of them. Maybe the situation will improve when Windows Phone 7 is released. If apps are a big priority for you, then go for a Zune HD. If you want a great PMP, Zune HD's a great upgrade I'd say...
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    Neither. Use a smartphone.
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