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    Leaked Apple Details Reveal Potential 7-Inch iPad, Small Touchscreen iPod
    By DEVINDRA HARDAWAR of VentureBeat, August 5, 2010

    Leaked Apple Details Reveal Potential 7-Inch iPad, Small Touchscreen iPod -

    As if on cue, rumors are beginning to appear regarding Apple’s next round of product releases. This time around, there’s word of a smaller 7-inch iPad, details on new iPods, and some very speculative information about the iPhone 5, reports iLounge.

    The information comes from a “highly reliable source” that also revealed some accurate iPad information to the site back in September.

    It’s certainly not news that Apple is aiming to refresh the iPod line, but the site reveals some interesting tidbits for potential new iPod entries. In addition to a revamped iPod Touch and iPod nano, there’s a mystery third device that may be revealed this month, or in September. Said mystery device could either be a 1.7-inch touchscreen iPod shuffle replacement (someone has already dug up the existence of a 1.7-inch Apple-branded touchscreen), or less likely, a smaller 3-inch iPod Touch.

    Apple may also be well on its way towards finalizing a 7-inch iPad — to be revealed either later this year, or early 2011. The company has developed prototype devices in that size for some time, possibly even before the iPhone launched.

    iLounge’s source also says that Apple may be pushing up the release of the iPhone 5 to early 2011 due to the iPhone 4’s antenna issues. The site itself admits this bit of news is hard to swallow. Given Apple’s defensive stance towards the antenna issue, it’s not likely that it would push forward its production schedule just because of it.

    Apple may also be looking to make a cheaper, all-silicone, version of its Bumper case — which it will give away after its original free case program ends in September.
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    Blah, 7-inch iPad. Might as well get an iPod Touch at that point.

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