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    ...great artists steal." Well, Palm, let's steal some ideas I just want this to be a fun thread where you state a few phones that have a chance to pull you away from the webOS community, and which features you would steal. I, obviously, will start.

    BlackBerry Torch - For 1 reason and 1 reason only: the keyboard. Everything else webOS either matches or exceeds.

    iPhone 4 - the screen and the hardware design. Jeez, that device is just beautiful. Please, no left handed jokes please, it's getting stale

    Droid (2) - Slider mechanism. It just felt solid. This was probably the only Android phone I would have bought instead of my pre. I really liked the design and vanilla android. Of course, the Droid 2 is a nice improvement, I just hate third party UIs.

    Lastly, some HTC made WP7 devices look really nice. I love the UI of WP7, and HTC made phones are always solid. Nothing specific I would steal from these devices.

    Well, I'm done no need to go into as much details as I did.
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    I agree re: the BB Torch keyboard, and don't have any idea re: the Droid 2 keyboard. But, I absolutely agree re: the iPhone 4's scree: it's absolutely gorgeous, and is just the right size. But that in a Pre-like device along with a BB-like keyboard, and I'm in heaven.

    Nothing that HTC has made really impresses me, and my previous HTC devices (Mogul, Touch Pro) were absolute pieces o' not-so-great-stuff. And, I'm talking about the HTC hardware here, not Windows Mobile.

    What I really want to see HP/Palm "steal" are some of the ideas from the folks at Voodoo. For just one example, I'd love to see a Pre made with carbon fiber. :-)
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    Not the Droid 2's keyboard, but the slider mechanism. It is just so solid, compared to the pre's.

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