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    So, now comes word of a possible Motorola Android tablet with Verizon as the partner. One wonders whether HP is planning on teaming up with a carrier partner for tablet connectivity. If Verizon is going to be pushing some kind of Droid tablet and AT&T has the iPad then that pretty much leaves someone like Sprint. However, if they aren't really depending on a lot of consumer demand for the tablet and focusing on enterprise customers instead then they can just contract with any carrier for the connectivity.

    Motorola-Verizon tablet will have FiOS TV, ten-inch screen? -- Engadget

    The Financial Times reports that Verizon and Motorola are teaming up on an Android tablet with dual cameras, Adobe Flash support and a ten-inch screen, plus mobile hotspot functionality (which implies Verizon cellular data) and -- get this -- access to pay TV. As it so happens, Moto makes a Verizon FiOS set-top box, and sources tell the Times that the television tablet may get grandfathered in to the very same technology. No word on processing power or price, but the rumor mill says we could see it as early as fall of this year.
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    Do you think having something like a dtv tuner in a tablet or phone is a good idea. I know there is a version of a samsung moment that has a dtv tuner.

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