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    Sprint device could turn iPod Touch into smartphone

    Unthinkable - Sprint device could turn iPod Touch into smartphone

    Sprint has made something of a speciality of luring Apple devices to its networks despite AT&Ts exclusives. Most of this has relied on its WiMAX powered Overdrive, a personal hotspot that can support up to five Wi-Fi devices, such as Wi-Fi iPads. Now Sprint is going a step further and planning a device that turns an iPod Touch into a 3G product.

    A Sprint gadget, called Peel, has been ratified by the FCC regulator (though this does not mean it will inevitably be launched). The Peel is the latest in the range of Apple accessories from iDevice, is manufactured by ZTE and would be branded by the carrier. It is basically a sleeve or case for the iPod Touch, which supports only Wi-Fi connectivity but apart from lack of 3G, shares many features with the iPhone.

    The case apparently attaches to the back of the iPod Touch to enable connectivity via Sprint's EV-DO network. The sleeve incorporates the same kind of technology as the growing breed of personal 3G or 4G hotspot devices like the Novatel MiFi, sold by Verizon, the Sprint Overdrive or the Clearwire Clearpoint. Such gadgets share a wireless connection between several Wi-Fi devices. This capability is increasingly being integrated into high end handsets such as the Palm Pre or Motorola Droid X and now, via sleeves like the Peel, can be added to less premium portable units.

    Intomobile points out that the Peel would enable a user to replace a smartphone altogether by combining it with an iPod Touch, a microphone and Skype - once Apple updates the iPod Touch with iOS 4.0, the upgraded Skype app will even be able to accept incoming Skype calls.

    The interface would be a more convenient one than a version controlled by a USB port, though the product might run up against hostility from Apple itself.
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    ok. Old news. I don't know y endgadget took so long to get this story out.
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    I just came across this on the web looking for ipod 3g info for a friend. Zte peel is coming out sunday. With google voice, it's a phone.

    all the tech podcasters seem to assume that a vast majority of sprint and verizon customers (@least smartphone users) would switch to iphone/pod if available for their carrier. I'm not so sure. Seems like if you really wanted it, u'd go to at&t by now.

    what do you guys think?
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    this is news because previous reports have been about a GSM Peel --

    arguably this is more useful for me in that I could transform the Touch into an international phone -- which Sprint/Verizon is not.

    Too bad it can't receive data -- that would make it useful domestically
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