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    I pray that HP has new hardware up their sleeves that resolves battery and performance deficiencies. If they don't and WinPho7 is as nice as videos would have us believe, then, yes, I would likely switch. It's not for a lack of love of webOS. I have extolled the virtues of webOS ever since I purchased my Pre (not Plus) and I still believe it to be THE SINGLE BEST MOBILE OS PLATFORM!!! However, without adequate hardware married to it, it's just a killer platform. I may get flamed but it reminds me a bit of BeOS. An astonishingly superior platform with little support backing it up. Please, please, please, HP... drop some new hardware on us that leapfrogs you over the competition. Give webOS something it can really hum on. Heck, just deliver hardware that comes up to speed. That will be enough to keep me on the ship. And a tablet would be nice. I'll buy one of those in a heartbeat.

    But my current phone has to go. A battery that lasts half a day and performance that pales in comparison to current gen phones just won't cut it anymore.

    Standing alone I'm sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vociferous View Post
    Win 7 is going to be great. I think a lot of people are underestimating it. And it's going to have some great games, not off the bat, but it will happen. If I was younger I'd be temped, but I'm not.

    But remember, Win 7 will, for all intents and purposes will be at 1.0. WebOS will be at 2.0 by the end of the year. I'm cautiously optimistic that Ruby and the men and women at Palm have something up their sleeves that will make WebOS compelling.

    They actually have to, or else...
    True, and the Pre has made me very wary of 1.0 devices. But it appears that Microsoft has more pieces in place for Windows Phone 7 1.0 than Palm has - thus far - been able to get together for 2.0.

    Stuff like Shazam, Netflix, Zune Pass, original 3D games, a better minimum hardware's going to be interesting. The market is moving very, very fast. I'm sure HP/Palm is moving as well, but whatever they're doing is invisible and in the meantime, Verizon and Sprint are picking off WebOS users with early upgrades and brand new hot-rodded Android devices.
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    I can see some of you have been burned by winmo before. It was able to be customized extremely easily, but it was slow and just clunky and unable to compete in the market anymore. There was no saving it, which is why ms dumped it with the final released winmo being 6.5.3

    WP7 was built from scratch to compete in this market. It's UI is based off of the . Looking at it initially, it looks like a fancy DOS with animations. The thing is once you use it, it works extremely well. I own a ZuneHD, and its fast. It's faster than a 1.2Ghz Pre, and its just a PMP. It has its own applications, and it even has its own (tiny) homebrew community. The only thing that doesn't make it a phone is the lack of cellular radio. I gotta say, the browser is abysmal though, they used a modified IE6...

    WP7 is the improved version of it with a lot more features. They worked on the browser (a modified IE8 i believe) and its much better than the ZuneHD's but IMO its not as competitive with the webkit browsers of webOS, Android, and iOS. It is actually pretty obvious ms is dumping a boatload of cash down for developers to work on apps for the phone, which is a good thing...for us (the consumer population in general, because there is at least one person who will buy it and will have a sizable amount of apps to choose from out of the box).

    What I'm doing: I have about a year and a half left on my Pixi. In a year and a half, the entire mobile front could look entirely different. Palm could steal the cake with webOS 2.0+, or they could not. The same applies to WP7 and Android. I'd switch to Android if carriers stop playing the "lets stop supporting our previous Android phones because a new one came out" game. I'd only get WP7 after its been real world tested (and passed it) with updates that add more functionality than its shipping with. My choice of next phone is dependent on if webOS takes off or not. If webOS doesn't take off, and Android is still playing its game, and WP7 still hasn't matured, its gonna be a really tough call.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glassadam View Post
    If Palm's next phone doesn't impress me, I'm off to Windows Phone 7. I have a Zune HD and I ****ing love it. Android isn't very impressive, Blackberries aren't my thing, and I've got no interest in iOS. I'm sort've tired of the app model that Apple pioneered and everyone (including Palm) followed-- big page of app icons, call one up, use it, move on. 7's hub thing they've got going on is interesting to me, but they'll have individual apps, too, so that's there if I need it, too.

    Plus, Zune Pass is the ultimate bulletpoint.
    I totally agree with that. I love webOS and I expect palm to bring out a killer phone and killer update around the same time as wp7 but I too have a zune HD and it is just visually stunning, ridiculously fast and amazingly even more fun than webOS to use.

    I think its likely I'll sell by zune and buy a wp7 phone but keep my Pre at least until wp7 gets some kind of card style task switching.

    Really though its just too early to make a call cos gingerbread is meant to have a totally revamped gui like wp7 so android is still a possibility.
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    Never! I'm sticking with the Pre (love it) for now but I am upgrading my business phone to the Samsung Epic 4G on the 31st of August and will keep all posted on how that phone works.
    Never = Microsoft
    Never = Apple
    Adding = Android OS phone
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    NO WAY ! Im sticking with WEB OS nothing comes close!

    WIN MO = OH NO!
    Are bad people born that way? Or did something go terribly wrong?
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    I'm a long time winmo user, had used it solidly for the past four years. I also have a zune, and I loved the zune model of subscribing and then downloading whatever. I actually owned three zunes, and original 30gb (which eventually broke), an 8gb mini one (which my girlfriend now has) and currently a 16GB Zune HD. I like the Zune HD's interface and navigation.... and the apps they have for it, show potential. All like 20 of them. There is something like homebrew support for them, though getting anyone else to install them means getting them to install the entire SDK first. I wrote a few simple apps for it (dice roller, an avoid daleks game, etc). ANyway, just saying I was fairly in microsoft's camp.

    I got kind of disillusioned when I realized that all the zune hd apps wouldn't work on the older zunes (though I bought a zune hd anyway). I got more annoyed when they announed all the winmo 6.x devices would be left out of any win 7 goodness. What's more the apps would need to be redone as well (though it is possible to reuse much of the code and develop them side by side.

    When my htc touch pro (fuze) died recently I didn't want to wait for however long it would take for W7 to come out, which I'd been holding out for since I loved the idea of a zune marketplace on every W7 phone.

    On a whim I picked up a palm pre plus at a radio shack... and was hooked. I bought it and don't intend to look back. The user experience for me is much better than I ever had on my winmo phone. There are a few things I miss (admitted the office was nice, and a pdf reader that worked on everything), but I don't see why these should be insurmountable.

    If you think our apps store is sparse, the winmo one makes it look like the library of congress. and they didn't even have one most of the time I had the phones.

    I'm not saying never. I still would love a zune client... (side note are there any subscription-based music models available on webos? I know, I could go buy wondershare and strip DRM off everything I have from zune marketplace and just maintain my zune membership to justify it all... but that's not the point...
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    Quote Originally Posted by lorcha View Post
    Short answer: No.
    Long answer: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
    Haha, LmFaO.
    I own a Verizon Palm Pre 2 running WebOS 2.0.1

    Here to help and learn
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    In a word, no.

    To expand: I like webos and will wait until new hardware is released before I make a move. If I still had the pixi, with all the problems I had I would've been unable to wait. If there is no device news by the holiday season, then I will switch to Android. (Epic 4G would've been my choice if I still had the pixi, I went through 3 of them in 60 days)
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    I may possibly be interested in WP7. I'll wait and see what Palm has to offer with the new hardware. If by an odd chance it doesn't impress, it will be a toss up. I have a Zune HD and really enjoy it, but the Evo is still very tempting. Here's to hoping Palms next phone blows all competition out of the water.
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    Another Windows 7 phone leak...LG one:

    I like.
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    I will say that in my primitive attempts to write apps for each, I found the XNA Game Studio via visual studio a lot easier to work with (for me) than the oracle virtual box / WebOS SDK/PDK / Eclipse development environment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aapold View Post
    I will say that in my primitive attempts to write apps for each, I found the XNA Game Studio via visual studio a lot easier to work with (for me) than the oracle virtual box / WebOS SDK/PDK / Eclipse development environment.
    That is not very surprising. The WebOS development tools are mostly a collection of unrelated open source tools that Palm threw together to avoid having to invest money in a decent SDK.
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    Of the benefits that WebOS has....the SDK/PDK is not one of them compared to the other platforms.

    Unless all you care about is "ease of development"

    Even though thats up for debate depending on what developer you ask.
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    Another Windows 7 phone leaked:

    Yes...that is a slide out speaker.
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    I seriously wonder how that thing is going to sound!
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    Prob. one of the best phone speaker phones since the classic days of nextels. (those speaker phones were absurd).

    I'll assume that big of a speaker they'll do stereo sound just cause for Zune part of it.
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    That's what I was thinking...
    Seems like an odd feature considering it will likely sound like crap.
    But it is intriguing!
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    yes. it'll be between a new palm device or win7 device. We'll just have to see who will win.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Supersonical View Post
    DONT jump ship yet. My name is Jackson, i leaked the Supersonic (Evo) a while back. Im good friends with Soorma and i have tried to leak as much info to him reguarding the upcoming c40 as possible.

    Just recently i talked to my contact (Dan) and he told me everything and more about the c40. I'm publishing a huge post tomorrow on it for the launch of , we know EVERYTHING about the device in its FULL glory!

    Check over there at 11 for news that will make you want to stay, HP is having a revolution folks.

    No, just no
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