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    My kids have two Samsung phones on Sprint. Their games are Java games. Does that mean we need to keep web on those phones? If I cancel data can they still play games we've downloaded even though they are Java? Thanks.

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    Just being a java app does not mean that it needs the net. java is just a programing language used to create the games.

    If the games are not online games you do not need the web for them to run.
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    Ok thanks. I guess if I cancel their data the games cant load I can always put the data back on.
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    I am not familiar with the samsung phones but I would imagine that they have a way to turn the data connection off, an airplane mode or both. What I would do then is use one of those options to turn off the data and then test the games with data temporally disabled. This will let you know quickly if the games require an internet connection to work.

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