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    What do you think of the new features on Blackberry 6?

    Having quick access to Bluetooth, Wifi and mobile network seems highly familiar to WebOS users.

    But I think RIM seem to have outperformed Palm in the field of universal search, having it done with the same ease of use (just start typing) but having more in the search (plus calendar, mail, messages, music, pictures).

    Well and having a home screen for upcoming appointments is also not that bad.

    Not knowing how good the software is in complete and how devices will be, i like seeing good concepts and I hope palm will go that way and attract enterprise users.
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    Thanks for the info. Blackberry is look very promising. I may have to pickup one if it pans out as they say. Waiting for WebOS 2.0 (and webOS 1.4.5 for that matter)

    I can't wait to see how this all play out
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    It's definitely time for Palm-HP to make a move. If they can do it the week after the Blackberry party and with a SHORT announcement to launch time, they will be in a great position.

    But they need to step up their game and make the OS match the functionality of previous Palm products in the core areas.

    Don't need to roll out every form factor right now, drop 2 right now - and dribble the rest out over the next 6 months. The Blackberry market is ripe for picking, but if they give them too much time, the window will close and their climb will get even steeper.
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    I think blackberry 6 will address alot of their shortcommings.

    looks good
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    I don't feel that hp/palm or webos community in general should worry about blackberry. while I am dedicated to webos, I am also rooting for rimm and blackberry. I think they have gotten a lot of bad press latley ecspecially from the techie media. I hate how everyone thinks blackberry has to do something completely revolutionary to survive, their os is amazing, and doesnt need the types of changes many think they do. (i.e. an os similar to IOS, android, webos, or win7) Im not saying they shouldnt add new exciting features to the OS, I just think they don't need a massive overhaul.

    however i do believe blackberry is now the only true smartphone out there.
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    generally it's just not up to par on apps, slick and sleekness of the os, beauty, media. it's out of the picture for me plus i'm not a big fan of blackberry hardware except they have good keyboards. but i'm going keyboardless for my next phone so that's not really an issue.
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    if BB OS6 improves the browser like it's been said to, it will help put RIM back into contention I believe. That was my biggest complaint with my BB. I primarily use me Pre for internet & messaging. My wife is getting a Bold from her company & when OS6 Is released, if it impresses me, I may be jumping back to RIM. I miss their great keyboards & the way their devices feel in my hand. I love webOS though, but this battery life, so-so keyboard & cheap-feeling hardware is exhhausting me.

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