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    The new rules only say it legal to jailbreak - i.e. Apple can't sue anyone over it. They don't say anything about making it easy to do so. I would fully expect Apple to continue their cat and mouse game with the jailbreaking community. Shame really - b/c the jailbreak community was the only thing that kept me with the iPhone for as long as I did. I was almost an Android owner before WebOS came along
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Phone Diva View Post
    Please be careful with the accusations.
    I was not making an accusation; I was giving an example. My point was that no matter why anyone jailbreaks, they will continue to do it and those who don't, won't. This would have been true if the ruling had gone the other way. Apple's policies would also still be the same either way. They have never sued anyone over the issue, nor were they likely to.

    I fail to see why any of this holds any interest to the posters on this board who, by and large, do not have an iPhone. This ruling does not hurt Apple or force them to change any policy. Sometimes, I think people around here spend more time trying to poke a stick in Apple's ribs, rather than trying to help Palm make a product that somebody besides a few people on a fansite with an anti-Apple fetish might want.

    I am all for talking about competitors. But this has no bearing on a competitor, and even less on Palm.
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    The real loophole here is that phone manufacturers still have the option to not roll out updates to those who are found to jailbreak/hack their phones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Phone Diva View Post
    I haven't seen any cracked App Store apps in Cydia. But I do see a lot of apps that improve on functionality or add features to the OS. And so they wouldn't be allowed in the App Store anyway. Also types of apps that AT&T hates. Also lots of themes.
    Well, the pirated apps you won't find on Cydia or any other jailbroken app store.. they're on forums and other mediums but it is VERY prevalent; jailbreaking just gives you the means to install them by bypassing itunes and the official app store.

    That's money lost for the developers + Apple, so of course jailbreaking will never be supported, not at least until there's a way to completely control piracy.
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