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    Quote Originally Posted by rdtmk View Post
    it's physically impossible for the Evo to show "more" since the resolution is higher o the iphone. Screen size isn't what matters here. It's resolution.

    And you've seen this for yourself? Below are screen shot comparisons between the EVO and iPhone 4. It's obvious which one is which. It's not scientific but to me, I can see more

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    Burn...... =P
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmanvbva View Post
    When I rank out what is important in a mobile device for ME...
    Color depth for a screen on a mobile device is pretty low on MY priority list.

    I'm not bashing the iPhone4... it has a great screen but so does the EVO and EPIC. It's just the best screen atm.

    Hell thats how most of america functions. Look how well sub par HDTV's and comptuer monitors sell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LCGuy View Post
    You are gonna have to trust me on this...

    You can't ever judge image quality of a display - smartphone, TV or monitor, by looking at a photo of it on another display device, because, that device is limited in its ability to reproduce those real life nuances by its own limited hardware specifications.

    Its always best to judge such things in person. The human eye has a color palette of billions of colors, and can detect just as many shades of brightness.. while our current crop of display devices do not.

    And, FWIW, the iPhone4's display is, by far, the best I have seen on any small device, in person, IMO.

    You have give credit where credit is due - in that regard, the iPhone4 is at the top of the pile, for now.
    I realize that photos of a display arent the ideal way to view things.. but still gives the user a side by side comparison of differences between the two. Having a decent monitor also helps, as I use a 24" one with a MVA panel instead of TN which gives me much better brightness and color accuracy. In fact, I sometimes find the monitor too bright. What amazes me though is being able to web surf even while sunlight directly hits it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rdtmk View Post
    Once again that doesn't have anything to do with screen size. That is just because the iPhone browser apparently takes up a crapload of real estate.

    what im saying is that the iPhone 4 is simply capable of having more content on the screen at one time.

    I wasn't aware that the iPhone browser sucks **** however.

    And i'm not an iPhone fan in the least. I'm just thinking about what I would want in a new Palm device.
    LOL does anyone notice how the EVO shows an Iphone ad and the Iphone shows an Evo ad? makes you wonder if the web page is rendering for the phone type lol!
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