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    I still am very interested in Windows Phone 7. i've searched the internet to see if my apps i have on android exist in some form on windows 7 and they pretty much all do (well non utility based apps).

    Honestly, the biggest thing i would miss is customization and Words with Friends haha.

    Angry birds is on its way already.
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    I'm very interested, but not in the Pro. I'm not about to leave a 4-inch SuperAMOLED device for a 3.6-inch rinky dink drab LCD from HTC with subpar photos and video and only 8GB of non-expandable storage for the next two years. If I had a Pre, maybe.

    Once WP7 gets its next generation of handsets and the OS upgrades that enable card multitasking and cut and paste, I will consider it. For now...close, but no cigar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by windzilla View Post
    I think it's easy

    first gen hardware and OS like windows 7 is certain to be buggy.
    and the lightning is made by dell. In my experience, that's a good reason to wait it out a little.

    webOS and the next pre (especially a pre2 if it be such) are going to be updated and polished soonish.

    you already have a pre, wait it out, when 2.0 for webos comes around and the kibks and shortcommings of BOTH operating systems and hardware are known, then make a choice.

    at the very least wait and see what the first batch of wm7 brings, and not just the very first phone.

    on a side note

    what does everyone think of wm7's new ui. I think it looks stunning. Maybe not the most visually beautiful, but I am actually enamoured with the huge text and seemingly very readable UI. It looks like it would be ideal for some of my bespecticaled aging relatives. I'm not facetious many of them hate the tiny text and menues of current smartphones, the wm7 ui seems ideal for them.
    I think it's a great phone if you are drunk a lot. Just hit the big green squares!
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