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    Quote Originally Posted by The Phone Diva View Post
    I'm pretty sure lots of people still need the space, USB ports and optical drives. Even if you get an add-on optical drive or hard drive, you still need the USB ports.
    If Apple can write apps for the iPad which makes connectivity with PC's more fluent and stable, then people will have two devices... 1 home powerful computer for games, ripping, etc. and one portable device scaled down to give long battery life and entertainment features.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    I have a netbook exactly like the one I referred to. It's essentially a non-touchscreen iPad with a thin, 92-percent-of-full-size keyboard attached. Well, that, and a Webcam, speakers, USB ports, etc. Just as light. Bigger, better screen tho. I can watch HD video fullscreen because an Nvidia Ion in there. Good stuff.

    iPads are fun and incredibly cool. Make no mistake. Millions love 'em. Tens of millions more will when prices drop and they get better. But for right now, it's not even sufficient for the media I DO consume.

    For example, my wife and I were laying about in bed the other evening and wanted to watch something interesting. Nothing was on DirectTV, so we pulled up Hulu on my machine and ended up watching several episodes of Louie on FX (Fantastic show, BTW). I could do that if I had an iPad as well, but I'd either be holding it the whole time or putting it into a leather case with a flip stand and angling for the best viewing option. We just put my netbook down, angled it once, and forgot about it. And we watched it in widescreen HD the entire time. On iPad, you get black bars, so you're really only using about 7-inches of screen and it's not truly in HD. Why would I pay $500-900 for something that does stuff I already do, but more awkwardly?
    I have 2 laptops and an iPad. My first laptop is a 1920x1200 HD screen which can run all current games. It's big and it's mean. Problem is, I have to have an electrical outlet nearby because it also can't hold out for more than 2 hours. I then have a work laptop I bought for 500 bucks. Dual core, 3 gigs ram, and can do work on it. Same thing, terrible battery life so I always have to plug the stupid thing in. It can't play games because onboard graphics are crap. Out of all three devices, I use my iPad the most. Light, 10 hour battery life, lots of games and books, and I can stream movies directly from my PC over the internet. I sold my gaming laptop, and my work laptop collects dust.
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    I travel a lot for work. This is where the iPad really shines. On the plane, at the airport, etc. The battery life is about 5 times better than the battery I got on either of my Netbooks. Also, windows apps mostly ran poorly on my Netbook, compared to apps designed to run specifically on the iPad.
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    here is a pic of my HTPC set up.
    XBMC -
    i5 quadcore cpu
    4 Gb ddr3
    ATI all in wonder HD 650 ( $29 @ fry's)
    500Gb sata7200 rpm 32mb cache hdd
    1.5 TB sata7200 rpm 32mb cache hdd
    win 7 Ultimate
    ubuntu 10.4
    all for under $600

    not for the avg consumer....
    i need that, a webOS tablet webOS netbook , webOS phone and im a happy camper.
    PC sales should take a hit in up coming years ....
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