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    Blogger who told of 'lost' iPhone gets his stuff back
    Mon Jul 19, 4:32 pm ET

    Print Story: Blogger who told of 'lost' iPhone gets his stuff back - Yahoo! News

    Remember the iPhone 4 scandal? No, not the one about how it loses reception when hold it a certain way. The scandal before that one. The one about the prototype iPhone “lost” in a Silicon Valley bar, sold to gadget blog Gizmodo, and revealed online months before its official release.

    Gizmodo received mega-traffic after the leak, but it paid a price: Apple called the cops and the San Mateo County district attorney’s office opened an investigation into how a blogger ended up with an unreleased cell phone in his lap. Things came to a head when blogger Jason Chen, who spearheaded the coverage, found his home raided and his technology equipment seized by the police.

    His equipment has been impounded ever since.

    Until now, anyway, the Wall Street Journal reports.

    Gizmodo said Monday that it reached an agreement with investigators and will cooperate with the inquiry. The terms indicate that Gawker will provide materials relevant to the case (as deemed so by a court appointee), on a piece-by-piece basis, and he’ll get his equipment back. The blogging operation has argued — as have many civil libertarians — that it’s inappropriate and possibly illegal to seize a reporter’s equipment with a simple search warrant. (As the Wall Street Journal notes, those warrants can’t be challenged in court.)

    The investigation is, somewhat bizarrely, still ongoing. Certainly someone could have sussed out the identity of the seller of the “lost” iPhone by now, no?

    Or perhaps their calls to him are getting dropped because someone is holding the phone the wrong way.

    — Christopher Null is a technology writer for Yahoo! News.
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    Chen was an ***** - he must have realised he was buying stolen property.

    But on the other hand Apple/the police (and who knows how much influence Apple had on this?) acted like complete and utter idiots in coming down so hard on him.

    Then again, police around the world seem to do that, don't they. ISTR a case here in the UK of a small business that folded after a police raid took away all their PCs and held on to them for 18 months in a **** investigation that turned out to be falsely set up by a disgruntled ex-employee.
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