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    Yeah.. Steve Jobs is an *****...

    He invests $10M in Pixar in 1986 (buys the company) sells it to Disney for approximately $7.4 billion (all stock), he in turn owns 7% of Disney and is their largest single stock holder.

    I wish I was that stupid....
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    That's not called smart, that's called lucky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clutch1222 View Post
    record earnings says it all.
    Life is not all about money. He has plenty of it to do whatever he wants for the rest of his life. If he wants to stay at apple until he is in his 70's... gr8.

    The best know when to step down and take a bow.
    They will not be on top forever.... its the nature of the beast.

    He can do what ever he wishes , obviously. To take this company to record earnings... from where they were... is a major accomplishment .
    Most people like him need a challenge. Its what made him passionate.

    What's the challenge now? Im excited to see the other products they are mentioning... i just wonder at what point does he say im bored with this?

    This is the opposite view. take it or leave it. dont make it personal
    he's a businessman not a boxer. it's not about going out on top. and hate to tell you. yeah earnings are what matters. it's why palm got sold and apple buys stuff companies. Because one makes money and the other was losing it. You guys are delusional. the stuff you talk about doesn't matter. "Most people like him need a challenge". Says you what do you know? Do you know him personally? of course not. You're just making stuff up. And even if he did the challenge is the same challenge for all successful businesses, to grow it and keep it going. Yes that's enough. He'll retire when he retires. this letter is laughable. He's kicking *** and you guys just are just bitter. You can't beat him so you ask him to quit. How about make a better phone?
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    I'm not a fan of Steve Jobs and think his arrogance borders on obscene but lets be honest here - he shouldn't resign he should just let the PRPRPR $be$ $done$ $by$ $folks$ $who$ $are$ $good$ $at$ $it$.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forever92 View Post
    You mean a record # of sheep? yep...
    You mean happy customers. Palm, Microsoft and others should be trying to build the same brand loyalty that Apple has earned.
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    LMAO!? All those iPhone owners are happy!? Wow, sure could've fooled me. Wonder what unhappy looks like then... ? Earned... ? oy...
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    Quote Originally Posted by clutch1222 View Post
    well said.
    maybe people expect more from a mind like steve jobs...
    if he is happy making electronics till he drops... What ever floats his boat I guess.
    You certainly are keen on seeing SJ go. I think your motives might be a bit suspect though.
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