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    looks like apple has been fed up with ATT for quite some time now

    Wired has an interesting article in the August issue about the relationship between Apple and AT&T. You won’t find this article on the web yet but ZDNet summed up some of the highlights of the article.

    It’s very interesting to see what happens behind the scene. Here are a few pieces worth noting:

    Early on when an AT&T representative suggested to one of Jobs’ deputies that the Apple CEO wear a suit to meet with the AT&T board, he was told “We’re Apple. We don’t wear suits. We don’t even own suits.”

    One of the iPhone’s problems was that Apple had chosen to source the radio from Infineon, whose hardware was used widely in Europe but rarely in the US, where cell towers are placed farther apart and reception was therefore less forgiving. AT&T would say “Let’s resolve these issues together” and Apple would say “No, you resolve them. They’re not our problem. They’re your problem.”

    One Apple source told Wired that Jobs has discussed dropping AT&T at least a half a dozen times.

    On the two-year tethering impasse: Apple wanted it included in the data plan, AT&T wanted to charge extra.

    Apple also heavily considered switching to Verizon numerous times. [...] It concluded that switching to Verizon would be too complicated and expensive because the chips were different sizes and would necessitate rebuilding the iPhone from scratch. Apple also wasn’t convinced that Verizon’s network would fare much better and let’s not forget the nasty lawsuit that voiding its exclusive pact with AT&T would invite.

    According to the article Qualcomm began working with Apple on a chip that could allow the iPhone to work on both the AT&T and Verizon networks.

    Interesting indeed. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s probably much more going on…
    Tales of the Apple / AT&T Meltdown
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    Quote Originally Posted by clutch1222 View Post
    looks like apple has been fed up with ATT for quite some time now

    Tales of the Apple / AT&T Meltdown)

    interesting stuff.

    I've written previously (though not sure if here) about what is likely a game of chicken going on behind the scenes with Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Apple.

    One of the many brilliant aspects of Jobs, is the way he understood the dynamics that he could leverage to get the amazingly favorable arrangement he extracted originally from AT&T.

    Its extraordinary that Apple came to AT&T with no track record in phones, and no particular strength in anything but iPods -- yet got a deal that no other carrier has ever given.

    AT&T which had just bought Cinqular, desperately needed a killer device -- Jobs knew just how to pitch and manipulate AT&T. His insight, timing, and arrogance were incredible.

    Verizon was not then and is not now, willing to prostrate itself to Jobs.

    I know Verizon would like to get the iPhone -- but it wants it on its terms -- terms that gives it (some) control and profit. Verizon's attacks on the iPhone, its French kissing of Android, are all a part of negotiating with Jobs. The classic: "walking away from the bazaar" gambit.

    Verizon understands that the negotiating leverage is now with them -- that Jobs is now the desperate party, that he feverishly wants his phone to get on Verizon's network and its millions of customers -- if only to blunt the rise of Android.

    Apple can pretend to flirt with Sprint, with T-Mobile -- but they haven't the size that Apple covets. They don't have Verizon 's network. Apple wants Verizon now more than Verizon needs Apple.

    I would not want to be Apple's negotiating intermediary with Verizon right now.
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