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    When was Palm's patent application for this?

    Apple was working on this over 3 years ago:
    AppleInsider | Apple may turn to induction for iPod docking, charging

    If you're talking about the application that is on the front page....

    On another note, I have always wondered if the touchstone wasn't part of the Pre's battery problem. Ours got SO hot - nearly too hot to hold on it. And anyone knows that heat messes with battery life. I just can't believe the heat generated by the phone on a touchstone is good for it.
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    Just wait for the Apple Fan Boys to claim that Apple was the first one to have this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iTz Nicholas72 View Post
    Just wait for the Apple Fan Boys to claim that Apple was the first one to have this.
    Like I said earlier:

    It's not what you create, but how you present your creation.
    Apple didn't invent copy & paste on the mobile phone, but they did invent a new and unique way of doing it on a touch device – something that no other device comes close to matching. As a matter of fact, HTC literally ripped it altogether in the new their new Android phones.

    Also, Apple wasn't the first to have a phone that multitask's, but they were the first to do multitasking in the way it's done in iOS.

    Many of you confuse Apple's arrogance around their new products or features as claims for being the first with said feature. Not the case at all, their arrogance stems from the quality from which they deliver. User satisfaction is always at the forefront, granted it's at a hefty price, but you often get what you pay for in life.

    My Treo had copy & paste years before the iPhone. You're correct. But guess what? It sucked, and it still sucks.

    WebOS had TRUE multitasking a full year before the iPhone. You're correct yet again, but at what cost?

    Palm had inductive charging first, Apple is just copying. Because Palm was the first to do inductive charging, and heaven forbid you use your Pre/Pixi while it's on the touchstone –*you'll soon have a hot pebble that can be used for a hot stone massage.

    Personally, I'm excited to see what Apple brings. Why? Because I know it will be presented in a unique way, a way that's probably more practical than what we've already seen.

    Oh, btw .. don't forget about this patent: Apple files patent for "solar cells on portable devices" -- Engadget

    Every other company and manufacture maintains the mentality of it's good enough. For Apple, it's never good enough.
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    Inductive charging docks made by Palm is now considered "pre-existing", so I guess Apple's patent would be rejected.

    I also hope the Touchstone can transmit data. I don't know if the technology is there or not, but Palm could just throw in a Bluetooth chip in the Touchstone, set it up so it automatically pairs with the Pre when the Touchstone starts charging. Or, for high speed data transfers, they could license Sony's TransferJet technology (hope it's not interfered by the Touchstone's inductive charging coils).
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