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    I got my wife a Samsung Acclaim with Android 2.1 on US Cellular. Good phone, but the OS is so much more clunkier to use than WebOS, that after 2 weeks of having it, my thoughts about jumping ship had walked the plank instead.

    Palm Pre isn't perfect, but it is a much nicer user experience, from WebOS to the app store. Sure hope they do a good job with the 2010 HPalm phone, so that we have the neat tech of Android phones and our own sweet OS that sails by the clanking Androids.

    OK, back to real work now.....
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    So ok, lets say I get the EVO then return it but then later down the road can I get the EVO again?
    Ohhh, good question. I'm not sure bout that. I would believe that yes, you can get it again, but getting it at the subsidized price, I wouldn't think so.
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