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I've asked this several times of various folks recently without getting any kind of logical answer:

What basis do you have to support your belief that HP intends to invest the hundreds of millions of dollars in research, manufacturing, and advertising required to become a major player in the smartphone space ???

What basis do you have to believe that Apps are going to be created for this OS BEFORE it can demonstrate major numbers in the marketplace ??

The CEO of HP has stated that they got Palm primarily for IP and use as an OS in tablets and printers. Only later did a PRPRPR $guy$ $half$ $heartedly$ $say$ -- $no$ $no$ -- $maybe$ $phones$ $too$.
1. Well, don't listen to me.. try the words from the HP CEO, and the VP of Product development. They both espoused to this, and more, oth before and after the merger was completed. You can find tons of links to thier speaches and even videos here.

2. You know, Im not sure I understand where this quiestion comes from. What I have said is that PALM already, 1 year out of the gate, has almost 3000 apps. Thats 2,999 more than Apple did, one year out of the gate, with a MUCH better success in the market. Now, with HP behind them, a solid hardware with WebOS on it should, IMO, provide enough incentive for current developers to continue to develop more apps, and draw new devlepors, AND, with the PDK now coming out, porting apps over from other platfroms has proven to be an extraordinariily simple and quick event... which means very cost efficient ... I think that explains where the app market for WebOS is going, as I, and many others see it.

3. Um, you are absolutely guilty of the "sound byte" thing, here, regarding Mark Hurds comments. Everyone took his comments apart and out of context and he later clarified it, and it was clarified several times thereafter by various HP employees, publically, in video interviews, blogs and articles. They plan on investing heavily in the smartphone market, and then expanding WebOS to other devices as well. It can't get any clearer than that. THEY cant get any clearer than that.

But, some people only hear what they want to hear.. selective hearing is certainly prevalant today, without a doubt.