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    So, HP has...uhm..."paused?" their Android Slate. At the same time, they are "doubling down on webOS". Coincidence?

    Please, this is not an Android vs WebOS thing. I'm just trying to hear some speculation on this topic...for fun.

    hp cans rumored android tablet
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    HP has invested over a billon dollars is Palm to get a universal WebOS operating system and needs to spend the majority of their development time and dollars integrating WebOS into its line of portable products. HP has slowed their support for both Windows Mobil and Android since the acquisition of Palm but that doesn’t represent a complete abandonment of those platforms.
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    once they start selling a product it means years of support and dev cost. No reason to do that on anything they don't see as strategic. Assuming they have bet the ranch on webOS (or $billion worth of ranch) they are smart to start with a unified and cohesive strategy from the beginning.

    I think palm learned that when they decided to offer WinMo on a few phones along side PalmOS. They still have to support them...
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