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    Here is a story about Velocity Micro and their android readers and tablet coming this August:

    story here

    The video features the Cruz Reader and StoryPad [for kids] coming Aug 1. The tablet [running android - including flash] is expected later in the month.

    These devices may be a little crude, but it's opening up the market. Come on HP - let's see that WebOS tablet soon.
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    Android has been on tablets for a while, what's the news?
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    Yea this is far from the only Android tablet. There are two in the American market place now in fact.

    I think Google will add specific tablet support in Gingerbread.
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    What are the ones out already? i know several have been announced, but I haven't seen any actual specs or pricing yet.

    do you mean that Joo Joo product (although that is not Android is it?)
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    Archos alone has 4 of them in varying sizes and there are numerous others but most haven't seen U.S. shores yet
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    Are any in the US?
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    The Archos 5 and 7 are
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    And the Dell Streak i think is considered a tablet.
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    the evo is almost tablet sized
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    Not really its size is greatly exaggerated I picked one up for my second line and it is very pocketable and I almost don't even notice it anymore
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    Dell streak might be big, but its considered a phone, even by Dell.

    And its not available in the U.S.
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    Thats because they included a phone service in it haha....encourage more people to think phone over tablet.

    But that thing is a tablet haha.

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