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    Sorry, but I can't help but chuckle when I read stuff like this. I'm really glad to know that a reputable force has finally showed the world that Apple is not only lying when it comes to problems with their phone's issues, but they're not the "perfect" little phone either:

    Consumer Reports doesn't recommend iPhone 4 - Jul. 12, 2010

    What cracks me up is how Apple continually tries to cover this up by saying it's a software programming problem, when clearly it's not. Even after their examination of the problem. If they could somehow figure out a way to point the finger at AT&T I think they would.

    Maybe people will start to realize that Mr. Jobs is not deity....

    ... wait, I forgot, there's an apple cult out there that really doesn't care.
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    Wow that's interesting and thanks for the link.

    Even my iphone 3g customers are holding off buying 4g phones. Their tired of being Apples test tube babies. Sorli...

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