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    The wife got an EVO today. I must admit I DO like the hardware (it's not that big), but after helping her set it up a bit... Wow... WebOS is for me! You don't always know what you've got until you're on the other side of the fence.

    In other news, the Sprint salesman said they were dropping a new 4G phone this Sunday. Anyone know what phone this is?
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    samsung epic
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    I know believe me setting up my moms moment was a nigtmare! However due to phone issues I may have to sale the android ship, atleast for 30 days (if new webos phone is announced I would definitely return it, believe me, don't want it! Just not another option aside getting another pre (which I see no point in! Atleast I could sell an epic for a bunch if I needed to.) anyway I didn't know tha was coming out this week!
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    I think I'm gonna he my wife the epuc, she's a blackbery person, but she doesn't like webOS lol...i know sad story
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    Had similar experience helping my wife set up her BlackBerry, made me really glad I have webOS.

    But she really loves her BB so I'm happy for her.

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    Ended up getting the evo a few days ago when I accidentaly dropped and stepped on my pre. Evo is a huge phone and great hardware, but I'm completely lost in Android. Sense helps, but the OS is not very user friendly. Really miss my physical keyboard, and I keep swiping the bottom of the screen.

    Hopefully palm reveals something soon.
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    I used my upgrade for EVO for my wife I liked the speed didn't see any lag.....closing an app is a b!tch....used it for 24 hrs. Overall nothing beats card system
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkzone View Post
    I used my upgrade for EVO for my wife I liked the speed didn't see any lag.....closing an app is a b!tch....used it for 24 hrs. Overall nothing beats card system
    When you get used to Android, you realize that for the most part, you never have to worry about closing apps. I'm not saying it's better or worse, but they are two different takes on multi-tasking. WebOS chooses the manual approach (the user must manage closing apps themselves), while Android provides more of an automatic (with intelligence) approach where the OS deals with closing apps behind the scene while still providing a way for the user to manually close apps themselves if they wish. There are pors and cons to both approaches.

    When I started with Android, I was still used to the webOS way. Now, I simply don't worry about closing apps.
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    Android closes apps itself. But you can manually if you like. its just not as easy as WEBOS. There are benefits to both. On my Pre I have to remember to close them but on Android you never have to worry about it.
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    The Samsung Intercept comes out Sunday, it is not 4G.
    The Epic comes out later and will be 4G
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    I'm with you guys. Got my wife a Samsung Acclaim or something like that (US Cellular) At first I was wowed by the nice phone app, bigger screen, sideways sliding keyboard with real numbers.

    Then I tried to do more than send a text. Holy smokes! Confusing jumble of screens, Wi-Fi too dumb to pick strongest signal, and you have to exit out to pick stronger one manually. Have to use the function key for @ and . when typing. Browser has no back and forth arrows! I couldn't get Epocrates to install, and the "best" medical calculator program that did install was not functional, taking several screens of input to then crash the phone to reboot.

    WebOS needs some basic changes, like a slider "button" to keep from accidentally hanging up, but overall, it is a much more polished user-experience OS. Hopefully HPalm will really hit a homer with WebOS 2 and the next phone, to keep this OS alive, so we get better apps and don't lose it.

    (If I had time, I'd learn to program just to recreate old PalmOS medical apps for WebOS....)
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    I tell my wife what phone to use... Yall have it bad.... No evo will ever walk into my house. I also tell her who were voting for.

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