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    Not sure if any of you were aware, but HP and Apple have a history together: iPod+HP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    I hadn't thought about how bundling on the computers might affect Palm sales. HP will probably put the music service they just bought on new computers.

    I'm sure our new HPalm phones will sync with it. They'll probably make an Android port also, but maybe not right away.

    Does Apple allow other music service apps on the iP's? I wouldn't think there is a Zune app on Apple handhelds. That would be a strange partnership.
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    interesting.. Lets hope the have the same luck with Palm.

    I'm very happy HP bought Palm for several reasons 1 they have the money to market their products 2 their product is well design 3 IPAQ failed and they looking to get back in the smartphone market 4 good engineering for new product 5 they are willing to support the best OS on the market with WebOS. And the list goes on......
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    the only "competition" that Apple has allowed is for apps from Rhapsody and Pandora...
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    Ah, the great HPod, one of the MANY disasters spawned by Carly Fiorina (the Compaq merger and spinning off Agilent Technologies are some other examples). HP was a different company before she joined HP, and HP is a different company now that she left. Unfortunately she nearly destroyed HP in the process.

    When Fiorina became CEO in July, 1999, HP's stock price was $52 per share, and when she left 5 1/2 years later in February, 2005, it was $21 per share—a loss of over 60% of the stock's value. During this same time period, HP competitor Dell's stock price increased from $37 to $40 per share.
    Carly Fiorina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I heard they were popping champagne bottles when she announced her departure. I pity California if they vote her in the Senate...
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    Pity California more if they keep Barbara Boxer...Fiorina is the lesser of two evils.

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