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    Let me start by saying that I have been reading this forums since the pre came out last year. I got my pre 2 days after launch and it lasted me up until 2 weeks ago. It just decided that it had enough and would not turn on even after repeated battery pulls, orange+sym+R, etc. I was 10 days out of warranty and Sprint said "no insurance = no help from us." I was so ****ed at this for 10 freaking days out of warranty. I can understand if I dropped the phone or I took a swim with it my pocket, but not having it die sitting on a table while I go out and play football with the guys. Anyways, I called Palm and told them what happened and to my amazement they said they would gladly extend my warranty and replace/repair the phone. The downside was it would take 5-7 business days once it got to them and the shipping time there and back.
    So in the interim I decided to try out this hot new Evo phone I kept hearing about. I sweet talked a Radio Shack manager into cutting me in front of their waiting list and got an evo 3 days after their launch. Since day 1 with this phone I have missed my Pre. Slow gmail push, shoddy google calendar implementation, twitchy scrolling, etc on the Evo. Android felt like a kids toy compared to WebOS. I need something that "just works" and I can count on. WebOS is so much better thought out and so elegant. Maybe Android 2.2 or 3.0 will change that, but for right now I am not prepared to down-grade my OS experience for a few thousand more apps (although some of them are quite I hope HPalm announces new hardware soon because I do worry about the Pre now that I had one just up and die on me. I should get my refurbished pre next week and I have never been so excited to get an older cell phone back.

    Sorry this is so long, but I just wanted to share my experience with the pre community.
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    Very informative and great example of Palm's customer relations *applauds*

    Hopefully we will hear of some next gen devices soon with the merge complete. At least you have a sparkling new phone. My current Pre is so worn and dinged that it makes me cry. The LCD is stressed and cracked too. Not the plastic though on top either which makes it weird.

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    Wow, nice to hear someone bash the Evo for once. Thank god I'm not the only one who hates Android.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zealster View Post
    Wow, nice to hear someone bash the Evo for once. Thank god I'm not the only one who hates Android.
    Trust me, I had never wanted to throw a phone against the wall more. That also goes for every other Android phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reign25 View Post
    Trust me, I had never wanted to throw a phone against the wall more. That also goes for every other Android phone.
    Seriously?? I do miss a LOT of stuff about WebOS, but my EVO is a pretty cool device. Sure, the interface isn't as elegant, the notifications are lame, and there's no synergy in the email, but the ability to customize almost everything is REALLY cool. It runs much smoother and the big screen is just awesome. Hell, now that there's a very nice Kindle app, there's just about nothing I can't do on it. I'm not sure I can every go back to a smaller screen. And don't even get me started on all of the super cool Google software integration...

    I don't see that there's any reason you have to bash one of these devices to be fond of the other. They each have their strengths and weaknesses.

    If Palm comes out with a big screen device, I'll be back.
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    I too dislike andriod as an os, they do have it on some pretty nice phones though. If I had to leave palm for whatever reason I would be going wimo6.5 business..... Or a feature phone I can tether to my netbook lol
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    Getting Winmo 6.5 over Android?

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    Im just the opposite. I love both WEB OS and Andorid but there are way too many times I wanted to throw my Pre against a wall. "too many Cards", Freezing. White screen when i open a email. Navigation doesnt work. Shuts off when i open the slider No notifications. and a range of other issues. its all phones that you want to throw against a wall sometimes not just a EVO. Im sure there are alot of Iphone folks who are throwing there iphones at a picture of Jobs.
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    I am sure there are people that are having a great experience with their Evo, like I had with my Pre. I am always an advocate of picking a phone that works for you. The Evo is gorgeous hardware for sure, but android just wasn't for me. The customization is nice, but I found it a pain more than a perk. However, if there are no new Palm phones by year's end then I will give Android 3.0 a shot as it sounds like it will be much more refined than it is now. I love having choices for an OS, breeds competition and innovation which is always best for the consumber.

    Also, it seems Palm actually overnighted the new Pre back to me! So I am going to take the Evo back next week and swap the Pre back on my account. I am dreaming of a Pre 2 using a Tegra 2 architecture.....maybe if I wish real hard lol.
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    If I had to rank smartphone OSes from best to worst:

    1. webOS
    2. Android
    3. iPhone/iTouch/iPad/iEverythingElseOS
    4. WinMo 6.5.~

    Yea I know I'm forgetting Windows Phone 7 and also Symbian, but I can't rate what I haven't tried. Android only gets a 1 up on iOS because it moves much faster than Apple's development, and integrates very well with Google's services (Google Docs, Notes, Maps, pretty much everything Google does well).
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    I'm with you here. I don't see what people like so much about Android. My wife has an android device which she will say she loves, but she has no idea how to do anything on it. If I gave her a pre' I'm sure she'd be much more competent. The main issue though is that this pre is getting "long in the tooth". I'm on my 4th pre and the screen is so very much scratched that it bothers me (ya I drop my phone a lot and didn't put a new protector on the latest one; good thing it's not glass). With all the patches I've applied and apps I've bought it is also getting slow, even with the 800mhz patch.

    Palm needs to first open up the Mic to developers, then manage memory better. I'm not sure if it's badly written apps, or bad management of those apps, but there is way too much memory leaking going on. When I can't open a single app and get the "too many cards open" error, you know there is issues. (androids memory management is even worse in my opinion).

    This is still the best mobile OS out, but they need to get moving on it.
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    I loved my evo, and if I didnt need the money I got from selling it, then I wouldnt have a pre now(or have one in the mail). I have played with a pre in the store a few times and it is a nice OS though, and I am actually somewhat excited to get this old phone....
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    WebOS is good...don't let people like me or others who are switching scare you.

    WebOS is good (still has a way to go but its good) the Pre hardware will often have you ready to throw the phone tho.

    Yes its gotten better, but i went through 4 before i have the one i have now and even then i considered swapping because the spacebar almost feels like i'm not pressing it....i'm used to it now...but how many hardware issues can one phone have? Honestly.

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