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    Quote Originally Posted by Urkel View Post
    But how do you return a flawed and defective product that you don't even own?

    While the problem is legitimate for some iPhone owners, the ratio of affected users vs bitter apple-bashers is pretty high.
    Yup Yup....

    The hater/User ratio is huge
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    How many different class action lawsuits could have been brought against the Pre? Battery cover? Oreo? All would have been just as worthy as this one, and all would have been stupid abuses of the legal system, just like this one. For all the problems that plague modern-day consumer electronics that don't involve danger to the consumer, they all can be solved by returning the product for a refund and buying something else. If a full refund is not granted, then a suit can be filed against the store that sold the product for the price of the restocking fee.

    I can somewhat understand why someone would want to return the device, but what is the point of suing? What does anyone besides the attorney get out of it? This just sounds like a very expensive way to do some Apple bashing to me.
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