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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    If anything, I think characterizing the debate here as "fighting" or "derailing" is silly and hysterical on your part. Or Moby thinking me "angry" about any of this is equally as silly or hysterical on his.
    wow, you just keep on going. Your funny. You truly kill almost every thread you post in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyPre View Post
    Mikah. I can see where your statements are being taken slightly out of context. Some might see you as arrogant in your responses however... (always one of those)... My brother is a producer, and I totally agree with you. More credit should be placed on the director & his vision, but if they used a Evo and some other movie program I'm sure the Evo would be credited for the work...
    Quote Originally Posted by cobrakon View Post
    Mikah912 is right though. I'm a photographer and I see similar situations all the time...

    Joe-Schmoe-Rich-Guy goes and buys a $8000 Canon 1DS MkIII dSLR kit and goes out shooting day after day and has nothing but mediocre images to show for it while a guy like Jim Hancock can get award winning shots with a $99 point and shoot.
    Mikah is right about what? In this thread then who exactly is it that is opposing his repeated proclamation that "The director is the artist"? The problem with Mikah isn't what he's saying, it's that nobody disputed it in the first place.

    And as for "Pro vs Consumer". Is anyone really putting an argument that the iPhone is somehow a replacement for a RED camera? Even the movie that the guy made, as pretty as it is then it wouldn't necessarily win any award because the theme is so cliche. (I don't even think the director would declare this to be his best work ever) But what makes this piece a story and sets it apart from "District 9" isn't the complex storyline, it's the hardware used. And at some level there should be an appreciation for how technology (separate from WHO makes it) is evolving.

    We may all use (or know people who use) high end equipment, but we all started very young with something widely considered "a toy" compared to our current gear. So the fact that ANY PHONE is capable of doing work like this is fun. It's not mind blowing. It's not life changing. But it is a harmlessly cool feature that wouldn't hurt anyone if it were on OUR phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileman View Post
    wow, you just keep on going. Your funny. You truly kill almost every thread you post in.
    Sparking debate in the most active thread in this forum currently is killing it? There are dictionary iPad apps, yeah?
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    amazing --really amazing

    brilliant video, in all its elements -- the idea of being able to fully shoot and then edit a piece on that damn phone --- it hurts me physically to acknowledge this, but its extraordinary
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    Im sure people will find a way to crap on this, but for those who don't obsess over semantics when it comes to art then this is pretty cool.

    Article: A Professional Fashion Shoot With an iPhone 3GS
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    That was awesome.

    And the point, that many of the commenters didn't understand, it wasn't a promo for the iphone camera - opposite in fact. It was a promo for how with even the "worst camera," you can take a great pic if you know what you are doing.
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    very impressive. Thanks for sharing
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    Looks good, but I'll keep my Flip MinoHD, thank you.
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