It is like a small netbook with a screen where the keyboard should be.

It was really interesting. The left/lower screen is a bit thicker and heavier. It can display several different keyboards. It also has very strong haptic response so it feels even more keyboard like.

Both screens are full color touch screens so you can easily load up a magazine and read it with a two page layout of a real mag.

The hardware is gorgeous but it is really hampered by Windows 7. I just find it too clunky and hard to use. If the HP Slate was anything like this, I can see why it was shelved. Each operation requires several clicks. There might be some gestures, but nothing I tried worked except pinch to zoom.

I also saw some small slates from Samsung. Some had Android and there were various Windows OS's. I really did not like any of them. They were confusing as heck. The buttons were in odd places and sometimes hard to click. I had a heck of a time clicking on the x's to close windows. They were too tiny on the small slates.

WebOS on a tablet will leave these Windows and Android tablets in the dust.