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    So have there been any rumors on if and when HP will produce a webOS phone. If it is more than like 3 months, I am not going to wait that long. I am going to get a phone within the next month. So I have heard the phone Pre isn't dated is dated... Realistically I am not much for extra apps, so the lack of a huge selection is not a big deal to me. I would rather have useful apps, than a huge library full of "flash light" apps and games.

    Hopefully I can get to an AT&T store to try these out in person, but that may be a month seeing how my local store is closed while they move.
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    I've been using the pre since launch day. 4G just rolled out in St. Louis today so I went to sprint to try out the EVO, after playing with it for over 30 minutes and talking with the sprint rep for another hour (yes, an hour, he was a talkative but helpful guy). I've decided I still LOVE my pre. The card views, the shared calanders, the texting the "dated" hardware doesnt' matter, as a matter of fact, I still like the feel of pre in my hand versus the huge EVO or iphone. It's features that matter and I think palm did an awesome job including the feature I want (except for the voice recorder).

    My niece has the pixi, for heavy texting I would chose the pixi over the pre, but Im not a huge texter so I still love the pre.

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