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    Am I the only one who thinks Apple, MS, and Google R&D read this forum?

    I've viewed many articles about ideas for future webOS devices in this forum and love many of the concepts and ideas people share day in and day out. Many of these ideas are fresh and haven't even been looked at by Palm, HP , or the competitors, but it would certainly makes since that they are interested.

    Actually, to be honest, I could care less about Android and get my usual weekly insight from other forums like or otherwise on what the competition is doing, but most of this info is after the fact.

    Heck, if I was BB and MS, I'd be frontline on this forum, see what Pre owners want and dream about HP and Palm making. HP and Palm will make things happen and I'm also hopeful they are watching and learning from true webOS users (US).

    Would love to hear what others think? Sorli...
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    I doubt any of them do with the exception of google but only with their adsense spider
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    No. I don't think Apple, Microsoft, or Google remotely concern themselves with Palm at this point largely because market sharewise Palm is not large, thus it's not really a threat. Hell i don't think Apple reads, Apple forums. But Apple has people lining up in the hot sun across the country for their products and they are looking like another of many record quarters. Microsoft has several licened partners already and new products set to come to market. And BB is losing market share to google and apple not Pre. And last Android is gaining market share, largely by doing what thing different then Palm. in those environments i can't see why any of them would really be concerned with palm or what it's users are interested in. And honestly if i ran say Adroid, i'd know the biggest potential market is consumer where iphone is the smartphone leader and the blackberry is the business market leader. So i'f i'm trying to improve i'm trying to address the concerns of users of those products. Those are the customers i want. I wouldn't care in the slightest about Palm users.
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    I'm more concerned as to whether anyone from Palm or HP reads the forums...

    (I know at least one person from Palm does, I see his tech support posts).
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    The site admins would know. They can look at the access logs.
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    True so true. Thanks for the replies, Sorli...
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    I know only one person from Palm Inc who watching HardbeatZ, isn't it?

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