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    So today I really put 4g through its paces. I have read many places where the app is giving around 3-4mbits per second, but I wanted to see what it could do in real world circumstances.

    To start, I work from home on Wednesday, so it was a perfect time to test things. To begin, I turned on World Cup coverage on ESPN to make sure I didn't miss a heart-pounding minute of USA vs. Algeria. Streaming was as clear as my Comcast connection and I had no problem seeing all the action.

    My job requires me to take analytics and support calls all day, so I need phone access and internet access simultaneously. Total win for the EVO on this one. I was super impressed at the speeds and the call clarity. All the time the World Cup match was going on in the background (muted).

    To really max it out, I tried to stream my Netflix on my 17 inch monitor. No issues at all. Picture was clear and not pixelated.

    My final task was to use the actual site to see my down speed..... 5mbits per second.

    Oh, I forgot to mention that my wife is downstairs updating our blog....

    This is one sweet setup. Here's hoping that Palm gets some 4g love.
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    I still have a Pre.... I think everyone is avoiding me because of my EVO.
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    Impressive. The best I have managed using a U300 is about 3.1 mb/s down and 1.7mb/s up, and that was with 4 bars.
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    Hows the battery life so far? Like using 4g while on a call?
    Btw @ sprint today I noticed ko boxing free was on android market.

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    Battery life has been fine. Not stellar, but fine. Using Mobile Hotspot was quite the battery killer, but I still made it through my workday of 9 hours. That is heavy usage too.

    As for Knock Out Boxing, it is version 2 and it is a lot of fun.
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    I walked across the street with my laptop last night and got just over 4mb/s down. Curious how long your market has been active. I'm in KC, which just launched a few weeks ago, and I'm wondering if they have some tweaking to do. My upload speeds have generally been awful.
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    My market isn't technically offically launched. Next week is the official launch, but they have been out of the testing phase for a while now.
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