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    I want to trade my Pre for a different phone. I have had the HTC Hero and loved it, however I got burned out on it.

    I'd love to get the new Evo 4g, but my renewal isn't here yet.

    Therefore, I am thinking of trading for a Blackberry. I would love to do a straight trade for the new Sprint Blackberry Bold (Tour 2) or possibly the original Tour (but want the track pad - not track ball).

    My question though is that I have somebody who wants to trade me for the Sprint Blackberry Curve 2 (8530). Would this be a fair trade?

    The Curve has a much lower resolution screen 360 x 240 (or something like that) and is said to have problems and poor battery life (although I don't think it can get any worse than the Pre's battery life).

    What do you all think?
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    I guess the question is what do you use your phone for?

    With the blackberry you are not going to get the gaming and multi tasking etc you get with a Pre. You will get great email push technology but..that's pretty much it.

    If you use a phone just for a phone I don't think you are making a bad leap.
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    depends on what ur looking for, I traded phones with my gf (she got a evo so she let me try her hero before we sold it) n @ first I loved it. Then the 7 home screens with widgets didn't seem so great after awhile, I missed how nice webOS looks & even though andeoid has more apps I missed the apps I had on my Pre for how much nicer they looked & how much better they did the function of their purpose.
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    First thing I thought of when you left your open ended question of "Should I trade my Pre for...."

    MMMMMMMMM...... Donuts.....

    To your question, the Curve 2 is actually a fairly cheap phone in comparison. I wouldn't recommend trading for that.
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