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    Wow! They definitely overhauled the UI for tablet. I tried the netbook version of MeeGo and it looks nothing like that!
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    It certainly is pretty with good navigation.

    I would be a bit concerned about the concept of all of my recent activity showing up by default on the home screen. But I assume that's fully customizable.

    Certainly looks preferable to Android in my humblest of opinions
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    I agree about the open history. If I were to leave this unlocked, or hand it to a friend, they would be able to see my Photo, Web, and video history with a flick of one finger?

    How about when I visit a bank website, or write an online email? Are there going to be snapshots of those visits on my desktop?
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    I was looking at getting an android or symbian as my next phone, quite annoyed with Palm ATM, but that's still a year away so I'll have to see how Meego turns out. I am really looking forward to the new tablets coming out this summer, Android was looking like a good option, but now with Meego and Ubuntu Tablet Edition which looks almost like their netbook remix, I'll have to see. The great thing about all these platforms being open is hopefully I can try all of them on a single tablet!
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    Lol at the guy hiding the Apple logo on the video.

    Looks good, a bit cluttered, will still need a lot of work before it's webos polished..

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