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    Well looks like the iPhone 4 was a failure. It only pre-sold 600,000 . Those sales stink compared to the EVO. Lol
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    iPhone 4 in-store reservations go through the roof - SlashGear that was first day sales and it was a lil over 600,000
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    Thats awesome numbers . I get the feeling that they could put out a Iphone that stink and it would sell a million of them. The EVO's numers while spectacular can never match the Iphone.
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    I have a very hard time believing those numbers.
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    Why not? The 3GS wasn't that great of an upgrade so many were waiting. This upgrade is much better.

    Plus AT&T practically made all their iphone customers eligible for upgrade pricing. And data plans were reduced.
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    Why wouldn't you beileve it? One thing i've noticed is that A LOT of iPhone users will upgrade every year. Old iPhones go for good money on ebay.
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    You know this isn't sales right, its just Pre-orders. If they have enough, walk-ins + Pre-orders number is gonna be very high.
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    I bet they sell 20 million of them on launch day. This will, of course, make every other phone suck and make me feel bad about myself for weeks because I have the Pre and the EVO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    I have a very hard time believing those numbers.
    I can believe it. At 4AM EST (when the Apple store went live) I tried pre ordering, and wasn't successful until around 5PM later that day. The site was consistently down amongst other various errors. Everyone and their mother was trying to pre-order this damned phone.
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    If they had enough iPhones in the right colors (white one not available for a while), They probably could have pre-sold over a million. A lot of existing owners are looking to upgrade and with the new AT&T data plans, a lot more will be looking to upgrade from a feature phone (I am planning to get one for my wife).
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    In retail, if you execute your event properly, presale numbers account for approximately 1/3 of first day sales.
    As long as Apple has enough stock on launch day, they're going to bank. Then they'll laugh about it.
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    I hear it's up to 13 million pre-orders, three times what any past iphone has done. That's great numbers and I'm still not buying one.

    edit; that's 13 million eligibility checks, not pre-orders
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    I'm guessing the OP was pure sarcasm...
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    Gotta give it to Apple, they made a nice product and, boy, can they get people to buy their wares.

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